Single bet- Explanation & Examples

Mateo Brekalo
Mateo Brekalo
Published: 28. studenog 2023.

A Single bet is the most straightforward type of bet you can choose when placing a wager. You bet on just one outcome per betslip, and the entire betslip hinges on the result of that single event.

A Single bet denotes the status of your wager, indicating that you have staked on only one game or outcome. This is in contrast to a parlay, where multiple games are included on the betslip.

Placing a single bet doesn’t restrict you to a specific betting type; you can wager on any outcome as a single bet. However, some bookmakers still prohibit customers from placing single bets on specific leagues or events. In some cases, your bet may not be accepted for lower-tier leagues, and you might be required to add parlays to your betslip. This restriction aims to prevent potential match-fixing in betting. Therefore, we recommend seeking out bookmakers that do not enforce this practice. The only way to determine this is by attempting to place single bets with a particular bookmaker.

Important information when looking for a single bet

You should compare the odds first, and foremost, across multiple bookmakers. Single bet strategies are frequently employed by professional bettors. As a bettor, you don't want external factors to influence your bet, especially if you've identified a value bet. Your decision to place a single bet may be influenced by the value you've identified or simply because you believe in the likelihood of a particular outcome.

If you've selected an outcome based on your belief in its winning potential, you should still explore different options to find the provider offering the higher odds and utilize it. If you placed the outcome solely because you found the value then it implies already that you have chosen the highest price.

Additional information

Check additional information about the game on which you are placing a bet.


Most bettors typically examine the lineups to identify any changes, injuries, or disciplinary actions in the squad.This process allows you to gather essential information about the game, influencing your decision when placing a specific bet.

Head-to-head information about the teams or players you are researching can aid in decision-making and uncovering potential value. This data pertains to past events between the two sides, providing insights into their performance under specific conditions. Nowadays, some platforms even store historical weather conditions from past events, offering an additional advantage for one of the sides.

Current form is crucial and shouldn't be overlooked, providing information about the team or player's most recent results. For instance, if a team is at the bottom of the league but has won all of their last 5 matches, you might think twice before betting against them, even if they are facing a higher-ranked team with a 1 out of 5 record in their last 5 matches.

Example of a single bet

Match : Girona - Athletic Bilbao

Price : 2.25 - 3.6 - 3.00

Stake : 100€

Outcome : Girona to win

So as a single bet you have chosen Girona to win. In case of Girona wins you have:

100€ x 2.25 = 225€

Payout - Stake = 125€


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