Maximizing Betting Success: Strategies for Major Events

Mateo Brekalo
Mateo Brekalo
Published: 22.3.2024.


Betting on the biggest sports events in the world has always held great appeal for customers. Since Roman times, major events have attracted the most bets. Today, with numerous major events taking place throughout the year, customers interested in such spectacles have a wide variety of sports and events to choose from for placing bets.

For soccer fans specifically, the excitement of the big leagues is a spectacle unto itself every weekend, further amplified by prestigious tournaments such as the UEFA Champions League and other continental cups. The climax often arrives every other year with either the FIFA World Cup or the UEFA European Championship (Euros).

Tennis enthusiasts can anticipate a major tournament almost every month, with events like the Masters 1000 series and the four Grand Slam tournaments held annually. Similarly, basketball maintains a year-round presence, featuring prominent leagues like the NBA and Euroleague, alongside pinnacle events such as the FIBA World Cup and the Olympics, occurring every four years. The breadth of betting options extends beyond tennis and basketball, ensuring satisfaction for fans of cricket, American football, or rugby, as these sports boast multiple significant tournaments throughout the competitive calendar year.

Pros of betting on major events

Absolutely, the wealth of information available about teams participating in major events is a significant draw for bettors. With widespread access to data and extensive media coverage, bettors can make more informed decisions, which adds a personal connection to the event. As individuals develop preferences and biases towards certain teams, the emotional investment in the outcome intensifies, making the experience of following a live event where one's interests lie all the more captivating and engaging.

A reduced bookmakers share

The abundance of available information and increased liquidity in major events can lead to a phenomenon where bookmakers adjust odds to attract more bets while still ensuring profitability. With greater trust in the data and higher volumes of bets placed, bookmakers may adjust odds to reflect the collective knowledge and expectations of the betting market. This can result in slightly more favorable odds for bettors compared to lower-profile or lesser-known events, where bookmakers may have less confidence in their assessments and adjust odds accordingly to mitigate risk. As a result, bettors may find slightly better value and potentially more favorable betting opportunities when wagering on major events.

Cons of betting on major events

Higher stakes and emotions involved in major events could lead to impulsive betting behavior and greater risk of losses. This is one of the factors every bettor should be aware of when placing bets on bigger events. For instance, if your favorite team is competing in the World Cup, it's natural for your rational decision-making skills to diminish, potentially leading to riskier bets and losses.

More rapid bookmakers decisions

The odds are often sharp due to intense competition and a high volume of bets placed. They continuously adjust to reflect changing circumstances. Despite the reduced bookmaker share, the odds are typically very accurate or "sharp," ensuring that they closely align with the probabilities of the outcomes.

Risk management

When betting on significant events where emotions run high, it's crucial to grasp the significance of responsible bankroll management. The allure can be substantial, particularly when wagering on favored teams during such major events. You need to discipline yourself and establish strategies that involve setting limits, diversifying bets, avoiding chasing losses, and determining your units per bet, among other factors.

Factors to consider

As you will choose bigger events with more media coverage, it will automatically mean more betting coverage and more data available. If you check for example the ATP page you will be able to choose a head to head history between two players which is in detail displayed from their first match they ever played on the tour. From that data you can make a decision if the price has value or not. Factors like form, weather conditions, surface the players played before, the venue they played, which player has better stats in which events and so on are all there to consider and get an evaluation of the prices and you can make a decision if the price has a value.

Value betting

Value betting is certainly possible even with the biggest events. However, you must act swiftly and select soft bookmakers to seize an advantage. Certain bookmakers may refrain from adjusting odds to maintain attractiveness on one side, potentially creating value bets compared to sharp bookmakers. It's essential to recognize these opportunities and capitalize on the "discount" they offer.

Detecting real value is another approach to value betting. Even if the odds seem sharp, it doesn't necessarily mean they accurately reflect the true probabilities. With strong analytical skills and thorough analysis of available data, you may identify instances where the market deviates from the actual probability. In such cases, you can leverage these discrepancies to bet against the market.


Whether you decide to bet on big events or not, it's crucial to consider all relevant factors when placing bets. If live coverage is available, utilize the stream to make informed decisions during live betting. Utilize historical data to identify potential value bets. Setting limits on your bets in advance and managing your bankroll with discipline is essential. Establish loss limits and resist the urge to chase losses. Staying disciplined is paramount.



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