Fairspin review pt.1 Payment, Promotions and Support

Mateo Brekalo
Mateo Brekalo
Published: 21.4.2024.


Experience an incredibly simple login process with an enticing offer: receive a 50% bonus on your initial deposit of 50 USD. Additionally, for your first four deposits, enjoy 140 free spins and a staggering 450% bonus. Signing up is a breeze—all you need to provide is your name, date of birth, residency details, and confirm your email. It's one of the easiest registration processes we experienced. KYC is of course not needed until you decide to change your personal data.

Rating 9/10

Payment options

The most intriguing aspect of the platform is its utilization of blockchain technology, enabling users to make deposits using various cryptocurrencies. There are 28 cryptocurrencies available and the most known are: USDT, BTC, BCH, ETH, USDC, LTC, BNB, TRX, XRP, and DOGE.

Additionally, they offer alternative deposit methods such as internet banking with Revolut, e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill, and prepaid cards via Jeton Cash.

Rating 8/10

Crypto deposit

We opted for a crypto deposit using XRP, considering it one of the fastest and with the lowest fees. For our deposit of 42 XRP, we incurred a small fee of 0.5 XRP, approximately 1.2% of the deposit amount. This fee is deemed acceptable. The XRP deposit was credited to our account immediately, allowing us to start placing bets or utilizing the casino without delay. Would be easier if there is a QR code option instead just address copy possibility in order to deposit.

Rating 9/10

Revolut deposit

We initiated a Revolut deposit on a Saturday morning, but the funds weren't credited until Monday morning. This delay in processing is notably slower compared to our experiences with other platforms where bank transfers are typically completed within minutes, if not instantly. However, considering that Revolut operates more like a cryptocurrency purchase rather than a traditional bank deposit, it's understandable that the processing time may be longer. Since Fairspin operates on blockchain technology, we suggest opting for crypto deposits for quicker results and the ability to place bets promptly.

Rating 7/10


The bonus terms vary depending on the currency you choose to deposit and play with. Unfortunately, this information is not clearly communicated to the customer, and you may only discover the details after changing the currency in your account settings. To understand the exact bonus terms applicable to your account, you must adjust the currency settings. In our case, we made an XRP deposit, expecting to receive the bonus based on the information provided for a 20 USDT deposit. However, after completing the deposit, we realized that we missed out on the bonus because the minimum deposit required for XRP is 39 XRP to qualify for the first bonus.

The bonus requirements are quite challenging to fulfill, with a 60x wagering requirement and only a 3-day validity period. While these terms might be acceptable for a casino, they are not particularly attractive for a sportsbook.

Fairspin review

Rating 7/10

Loyalty tokens

Fairspin has its own token, TFS, which you can stake and later exchange for use in their casino. Tokens are earned through your activity in the casino and through daily free spins you receive since registration. The token reached an all-time high of almost 3 cents, but today it is valued at around $0.005.

As beginner you have 3 different options of stacking your TFS tokens:

8 Hours stacking with 241.16% return per year
1 Day stacking with 182.28% return per year
3 Day stacking with 53.01% return per year

Fairspin review

All your holds will be nicely displayed the token profile with your earnings at any moment:

Fairspin review

This is one of the biggest and most attractive features blockchain casinos/bookmakers offer their customers, as you, as a customer, are directly involved and invested in the company's earnings, thereby sharing rewards.

Rating 9/10


Depending on the level of the player you are, you will be offered different daily and weekly cashback percentages, along with varying wager requirements. There are a total of 10 levels that you can achieve, starting from a basic Player and advancing all the way to the Platinum level. In addition to cashback, each level also comes with staking limits, which increase with each level unlocked.

Fairspin review

Those are fair amounts of cashback without any wagering requirements, which are certainly appealing to customers. We will definitely give this a positive rating.

Rating 9/10

Live Chat Support

The live chat is facilitated by one of the top live chat providers, Intercom, which is a significant advantage due to its simplicity and user-friendly interface. However, we have observed that the agents or department managing the live chat may not be the most professional. Their lack of knowledge on certain topics is unacceptable, and they often resort to copy-pasting generic responses rather than engaging with customers on a personal level. It's worth noting that these are real agents and not bots. One drawback is that outside of their working hours, clicking on the support button yields no response. They should implement an automatic message indicating that agents are currently unavailable instead of displaying nothing. Intercom is widely regarded as one of the best, if not the best, software for live chats, offering numerous automated options and bots that can seamlessly take over when agents are unavailable.

Rating 7/10

Rating 8.25/10


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