Money line (Match Winner) - Explanation & Examples

Mateo Brekalo
Mateo Brekalo
Published: 12.12.2023.


The money line is the most traditional betting market, and its simplicity makes it the most common choice for bettors. Logically, it is the first market ever offered in sports betting, as it essentially refers to who will win the match. Usually you will have a simple offer of 2 ways who will win the match: team/player 1 or team/player 2. So as it is very straight forward some bookies will also name it a “Match Winner”.

How is the money line evaluated?

The money line is mostly used in sports or events where two outcomes are possible, and there is little to no chance of a draw. Therefore, sports and leagues such as the NBA, NFL, NHL, baseball, or volleyball often have a money line offered. If you back the home team and they win, you will win your bet; however, if the opposing team wins, you will lose your bet. In some special cases, the money line will be offered when a draw is also possible. In the event of a draw, the bet will be settled as a push, meaning the stake will be returned. The money line will be settled solely based on the end result, regardless of the spread the game finished with. Whether your team wins 1:0 or 3:0, it makes no difference in the evaluation of the money line and the winning amount.

1X2 Winner market

The money line is typically offered for events where there is little to no possibility of a draw. However, there are exceptions, such as soccer, where you may find money lines that include a draw, essentially forming a 1X2 market. It is not that rare to find a money line with two outcomes offered for soccer matches as well. Alternatively, there is a more standard two-way Money Line market in soccer that adjusts the odds to remove the option of the draw and simply 'pushes' (returns your stake amount) if there is no winner.

Money Line vs 1X2

The main difference between those two is that one includes the draw outcome and one has a straight forward all 3 possible outcomes.

Example 1

1X2 example of a soccer match where you can bet on 3 options:

Example 2



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