Betslip - Explanation & Examples

Mateo Brekalo
Mateo Brekalo
Published: 25.2.2024.


What a shopping cart is for an online store, the betslip is for a betting company—collecting all your selections in one place. You might assemble a parlay, system, or single bet slip. The default selection will always be the parlay slip if you choose two or more selections, but you can always switch to a system bet or a single bet slip. If only one selection is made, it will automatically result in a single bet slip. The main information your bet slip will contain includes the stake, odds for each selection, and the total price, which determines your maximum potential winnings.

Parlay bet betslip

Selecting more than one selection transforms your bet slip into a combination bet, also known as a parlay bet. As you select the odds, they will appear in the bet slip, creating a combination of bets that are multiplied into one price. This combined price is then multiplied by your desired stake.

The possible winnings are calculated as follows:

Stake x Total odds = Possible winnings

Total odds are calculated as follows:

Single selection odds multiplied with each other

Example 1

System bet betslip

The most confusing bet slip display is often seen with system bets, and many bookmakers present various pieces of information in the system bet slip. System bets can be a bit more complicated, but they are actually quite simple to understand. Essentially, a system bet is a collection of parlay bets combined into a single bet slip.

Example 2

In the scenario described above, we have selected 4 games. Choosing a 2 out of 4 games entails creating 6 different combinations of 2-game parlay bets. The stake can be set either per combination or as a total stake, which will then be divided by the number of combinations. In this case, the bookmaker doesn’t display the possible winnings for each combination but rather the maximum potential winnings if all 6 combinations are won. Some bookies may list all 6 combination bets and display the possible winnings for each.

To calculate the possible winnings, you need to multiply the stake by the odds of each winning combination. For instance, if your stake is €5 per bet and only matches A and D are won, then your winnings would be calculated as follows: €5 × 1.7 × 1.75 = €14.87. This means you won't even recoup your full stake of €30.

Bank System bet betslip

A system bet with an added bank match provides the entire selection along with the option to choose a bank match. The bet slip will include the option of selecting a bank match, which can increase the potential winnings. For further details, you can refer to the System bet article.

Example 3

Single bet betslip

The simplest form is having just one selection in the bet slip, resulting in a single bet slip. Bookmakers provide the option to select multiple games in one bet slip while adhering to the single bet principle. This means you'll have multiple single bet slips consolidated into one slip.



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