Pellegrini warns the Spanish: La Liga is the slowest league, least amount of play with constant simulations

Josip Brajkovic
Josip Brajkovic
Published: 22.8.2021.

Pellegrini warns the Spanish: La Liga is the slowest league, least amount of play with constant simulations

In a rare and commendable outburst of truth, a top manager in the game criticized the very football culture of the country he is competing in. Real Betis tactician Manuel Pellegrini, a man whose word means a lot as a former Man City and Real Madrid manager, sounded the alarm on Spanish football.

Pellegrini noted that the way football is conducted in Spain, with constant fouls and talks with referees, simulation, is driving the viewer away.

"We have to make an effort between referees, coaches, and players so that the Spanish league is not this shameful because in the referees' meeting they told us that it is the slowest league in Europe, it takes longer to take a free kick, there is constant simulation and there is a spectacle that we have to take care of. Either we take care of this or it goes against the spectacle, people pay a ticket for something," said Pellegrini of the league.

La Liga has other glaring issues too. A place that has now lost Lionel Messi three years after losing Cristiano Ronaldo, La Liga is battling for its audience with no superstar or someone near that status, with all due respect to the ageing Karim Benzema and disappointment Eden Hazard.

Add to this a constant stop and go play style that is in danger of losing the interest of viewers in the age of minimal focus and countless other entertainment options. With Pellegrini addressing the last game of his club against Cadiz.

"This is the league in which there is the least amount of play, the referees have to hurry the goalkeepers to kick off early, to warn wingers so they don't dive.... We have to take care of the spectacle. Cadiz only defend and with a lead it's doubly difficult because they drop back and play for half the minutes. The last 15 minutes weren't even played."

The added worry is that the Spanish teams are shooting themselves in the foot by imposing strict financial rules onto themselves. Now, they are far behind all other top five leagues in terms of money spent on transfers this summer, as a direct result of both El Clasico teams not spending their cash as they are in financial woes. Usually, their purchases of some players in the lesser La Liga clubs starts a domino effect of money exchanging hands.

With Pellegrini echoing these concerns by stating the importance of transfer windows.

"The most important part of the season is when the squad is put together. Mandi, Emerson and Sanabria left. We made a good replacement for Emerson with Sabaly but he got injured. We have to sign a striker."



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