What happened to Ronaldinho?

Josip Brajkovic
Josip Brajkovic
Published: 23. travnja 2020.

What happened to Ronaldinho?

Ronaldinho Gaucho is one of the greatest players in football. He was often referred to as a magician with the ball who always played with a smile on his face. Ronaldinho enjoyed the football game and saw it more like pleasure than a job. Due to his charisma and amazing technical ability, he was loved and revered by fans around the world. Even the opposing fans could not hate him and he is one of the few opposing players that Real Madrid fans appreciated, they granted Ronaldinho a standing ovation in Madrid in 2005. in El Clasico where he scored two goals. Barcelona ended winning that game 0:3. We have tried to get answers to all the most common questions a fan will ask about Dinho and put them in one place, hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Read all about Ronaldinho's life 2

How old is Ronaldinho?

Ronaldinho was born on 21. March 1980. and is currently 40 years old. He was born at Porto Alegre in Brazil. Ronaldinho's mother was a salesperson, while his father was a shipyard worker and footballer. The family moved to Gremio when his older brother Roberto has signed for Gremio football club. Ronaldinho's brother Roberto had a short career due to an injury, today he is Ronaldinho's manager. Gremio is also a club where Ronaldinho started his career by making a debut in 1998.

How tall is Ronaldinho?

Ronaldinho is 181cm or 5 ft 11 in. If we would compare his height to average footballer it seems he has the perfect height, his weight of 80kg was also a very good one for his height. The average height for football players is 182.1cm. For comparison, Messi is 171cm tall, and even taught shorter players tend to be more vigilant and better at changing directions at sprints, this did not impend Ronaldinho in being high paced and extremely good at cutting directions.

What is Ronaldinho's first name?

Full name is Ronaldo de Assis Moreira. 'Dinho' addition means 'little' so in full translation it would mean 'Little Ronaldo'.  Due to this, he is mostly known as Ronaldinho Gaucho. Meaning of 'gaucho' is a cowboy. Having shorter names or nicknames is a common practice for football players from Brazil duo to the fact that Brazilian names are often long. For example, one of the greatest players of the game, Brazilian Pele is rarely known by his full name Edson Arantes do Nascimento. Read his full and best biography: Ronaldinho: Football's Flamboyant Maestro

What team does Ronaldinho play for?

Ronaldinho currently does not play for any club due to the fact that he has retired in 2018. He has started his career in Gremio where he played 55 games and scored 21 goals. That was enough for European clubs to get interested in this football magician. French club Paris Saint Germaine managed to sign him and he would stay there 2001-2003. During his time in PSG, Ronaldinho had some problems with at the time manager Luis Fernandez due to fact that Dinho liked the nightlife and partied too much. After this spell, he moved to FC Barcelona and this would become his most famous part of the career. He played with young Messi and stayed in Spain from 2003 until 2008. He has managed to score 70 goals in 145 games wearing Barcelona shirt. Many fans and former players including Carles Puyol have credited Ronaldinho for the rise that Barcelona had ever since his time in 2004. The Brazilian has won FIFA Player Of The Year in 2004. nad 2005. His second season in Barcelona is the most successful of his career and during this time Ronaldinho has managed to win Champions League with Barcelona which was the clubs first CL title in 14 years. 

What happened to Ronaldinho?

After his successful first 2 seasons at Barcelona, Ronaldinho's performances started to gradually fall due to injuries. However, he was still one of the best players in the world and many clubs wanted to sign him. He parted ways with Barcelona in 2008. and has signed for Italian giant AC Milan in a deal which would net him €25.5M in 2010. alone. Ronaldinho refused a big offer from Manchester City and decided for Milan instead. He did manage to have some great periods in during Milan era, but mostly he did not show the same high level of football as during Barcelona time. Same as in PSG, Ronaldinho was criticized for his unprofessional way of living since he enjoyed the nightlife too much. Milan's Manager at the time was Carlo Ancelloti and he publicly expressed this many times. Gaucho stayed in Milan 2008-2011and has scored 20 goals in 76 games. After this, Ronaldinho played for Brazilian clubs Flamengo and Atletico Mineiro and Mexican club Queretaro. He wanted to continue with Fluminense in 2015. but has disappointed in 7 games for them and has agreed to mutually terminate the contract with the club. After this, he did not play any professional football, but he did play futsal. Seems like Ronaldinho could have made much bigger football career due to his immense talent, but he was not 100% professional and often had  part of his focus outside of football

What age did Ronaldinho retire?

When did Ronaldinho retire? Dinho has retired in 2018. His brother Roberto, who is his manager, publicly made the retirement official on 16. January of 2018. He has then stated: "He has stopped, it is ended. Let's do something pretty big and nice after the Russia World Cup, probably in August.". Ronaldinho and his brother did plan on having a retirement tour and a couple of friendly games in America, Europe and Asia, but it did not happen. Many fans are often searching for an answer to 'Does Ronaldinho still play football?' After his latest spell at Brazilian club Fluminense, Ronaldinho was actively playing futsal for a futsal team Goa in India. He played with Paul Scholes, Falcao, Michel Salgado and Ryan Giggs during his time at Goa. Ronaldinho scored 5 goals in one match during his time there. In the end, Ronaldinho played only 2 games for Goa and has moved to futsal team Delhi that competes in Indian Premier Futsal league. He has scored 16 goals in 8 games during his time there. That was the last professional games that Gaucho played and after that, he did not engage in professional sport. Read all about Ronaldinho's life 2

How many world cups has Ronaldinho won?

Ronaldinho was a big part of Brazil National Team during 1999-2013 and has collected 97 caps and 33 goals. He was part of a tremendous trio three R's (Ronaldinho, Ronaldo and Rivaldo) when they won World Cup 2002. in Korea and Japan. After World Cup glory, Dinho has won Confederations Cup with Brasil as their captain in 2005. He was heavily criticised for his performance in World Cup 2006. where Brazil had a strong team that included Adriano, Ronaldo and Kaka, but they lost in the quarterfinal to France (1:0). After this Ronaldinho was dropped out of National Team for World Cup in 2010. and in 2014. Ronaldinho has won one World Cup in 2002. 

What position is Ronaldinho?

Ronaldinho played as a midfielder. Due to his world-class skills and technical reflection he was adapted to playing on various positions. He could play as a winger, most often at the left side, but he played as a central midfielder as well. In some clubs, he played as a forward. His versatility made him an option for many positions but during best parts of his career, he was playing a classical number 10,  attacking central midfielder. He did score a lot of goals, but he was also a master in assisting and creating chances for his players. While he was playing for AC Milan he had the most assist in one season of Serie A. 

Who is better Ronaldinho or Messi?

This is a question often asked among football fans. It can not be objectively answered since it must take into consideration personal preferences. However, the majority of experts agree that the answer is Messi. Ronaldinho did have some 'out of the world' performances and has impacted the game in many ways. But Ronaldinho did not have the consistency to remain at a high level for longer periods. His lack of professionalism and too much partying did not do him any good in a footballing sense. He did manage to win the World Cup, while Messi is still to achieve that feat, however, Messi has triumphed on all other areas and there is no end to his trophies. Leo Messi has also managed to stay on the high level for a very long period during his Barcelona time, he brings world-class performances to the field almost every week, something Ronaldinho could not do. With all that in mind: Messi is better than Ronaldinho.

How much is Ronaldinho worth?

Ronaldinho was one of the best-paid footballers in during his time in Barcelona. He also was earning a lot of money during his Italy spell with AC Milan. His world fame brought in many sponsors and endorsements so he was promoting: Coca Cola, Gatorade, Nike, EA Sports, Pepsi and many more. After he was finished in Milan he went back to Brazil and his salary decreased a lot. Also, payments by some clubs were not made and he lost some money here as well. In 2015. Ronaldinho was valued to be worth around €100M. Everyone was surprised that he had €1.6M taxes debt in Spain. Also, he was heavily fined by Brazil for construction works without permits. Seems like his playboy and flamboyant lifestyle have drained most of his fortunes and famous Brazilian did not invest his money very well. Brazil has taken away his passport due to high debts. He was arrested in Paraguay with a fake passport and ended in jail in 2019. At this moment Ronaldinho seems to be broke.


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