Tipster interview with Finnish master Robert Munter

Josip Brajkovic
Josip Brajkovic
Published: 10. studenog 2020.

Tipster interview with Finnish master Robert Munter

Robert Munter is our Finnish expert who won the 3. place in October tipster competition. In November he is leading the table with astonishing +8.18 units from 10 tips. Robert is an 'old' tipster who started to gain knowledge back when there was no internet. Read more on this and other topics in the full interview.

First of all, congratulations on the last 2 great months in Tipster competition, can you tell us more about yourself?

I was born and grown up in Finland. As soon as I was 6 years old my father took me to the football field for training for a tournament with the local football team. The tournament was a success for me since I have won the best player award.

Anyway, success did not continue year after year when my career included mostly appearances in lower leagues. However, for a couple of seasons in youth leagues (when I was 15-16 years old)  we played in 2nd highest league in Finland. Also, I have played basketball(youth) and almost 20 years floorball(2 seasons in Finnish Premier league).

When did you get into betting and how did you evolve? (experience) How do you approach betting?

Betting came into the picture when I was about 15 years old and my dad started to make bets with an English bookie called SSP. Every Tuesday we would send our bets for weekend games via mail from Finland to England(SSP).

This was a time prior to the internet. Betting was of course almost 100% hobby in the first years when everything was so new to me. So now, when I am 47 years old, I have already over 30 years of experience from betting and I have familiarized with many bookies during that time.

What is your research style and do you use any tools?

In the early years when I was still learning all that there is to know about betting, my interest in betting started to grow, so I started publishing some tips on some websites. I started to notice, that my knowledge was well above average in Finnish football and ice hockey, and this resulted in good profits.

My monitoring tools is quite simple to understand,  I do most of the works during transfer windows and preseason game. So before every season I can rank the teams, make decisions and update the ranks as games are played.

How much time do you spend on research prior to writing betting tip?

These days I have lots of time to concentrate on finding value in games from Finland.  It depends on matchday to matchday, but usually, I spend 1-4 hours per day.

What are your favourite bookmakers and what is the betting/investing style you pursue?

My favourite bookmakers these days are Bet365, Pinnacle, SBObet and Coolbet. It's not easy to simply explain my strategies since I take into consideration my big experience and knowledge over Finnish teams and leagues. This means that sometimes I make last-minute decisions that combine my experience where I have seen the same scenarios happening many times. 

What are your personal plans and aspirations?

My plan in betting is to keep learning, improve myself in terms of finding the best values. Focussing more on quality than quantity.

What betting advice would you give to our readers?

I would advise readers to always keep as calm as possible and to not make any betting decision without not enough strong arguments. Often enough I have seen tipsters tilting after they lose a  value bet, they start to chase loses with bad tips. Just follow value tips and profits will come, everything else is called gambling.

And finally, how do you rate InsideSport platform so far and what do you think about the platform's potential?

So far Insidesport is looking good in my view, the site is easy to use and overall everything looks extremely professional, so I would happily recommend this site to anyone.

Thank you, Robert, for your time and we wish you much more good tips, we will be following them for sure!


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