Defenders never had a bigger star: Sergio Ramos’ personal life

Josip Brajkovic
Josip Brajkovic
Published: 6. travnja 2023.

Sergio Ramos holding the trophy poses with his daughter after Spain defeated Italy 4-0

It's almost impossible to argue that there is a bigger star among defenders than Sergio Ramos. Ever. Sure John Terry became a bigger tabloid story due to his... sliding tackles. And yes Rio Ferdinand pushed into the media world. But Sergio Ramos has the biggest spillover outside the football world. Not just because of his goalscoring abilities, who he played for, what he won, how controversial was he, and his longevity, but also due to his undeniable unique persona. Or vibe. Hence, Sergio Ramos' personal life has been a mainstay topic.

A big testimony to the claim that Sergio Ramos is the biggest star amongst defenders, and in general one of the biggest players in the world, is that he had not one but two Amazon-produced shows about him. The Heart of Sergio Ramos was released in 2019 and the Legend of Sergio Ramos was released in 2021. Both gave a sneak peek into the life of the Spanish footballer, yet the shows weren't received rather well.

Although there was a look behind the curtain into the home and into the hobbies, the fans weren't satisfied as the overall feel seemed generic.

Sergio Ramos and Pillar Rubio

The key topic of discussing Sergio Ramos' personal life is the relationship with Pillar Rubio, now his wife. There is a video from before they started dating in which Pillar, a media presenter, was interviewing Sergio as he was walking into a gal, hinting that he should bring her in as he was without a date. Little less surprising when you consider that she is eight years older than Sergio. Hey, you need to make things happen if you want to be Sergio Ramos' girlfriend.

In 2012, the two started dating and then two years later got the first out of their four sons, Sergio. A year later Marco joined the family, in 2018 Alejandro, and Maximo Adriano was born in 2020. That's a year later after his parents were married in Sergio's hometown of Seville.

While it was festive for the Ramos family, the rest of the citizens of Seville didn't quite enjoy it as the whole town was clogged up due to security and traffic lanes being blocked.

In 2023, Sergio Ramos turned 37 and his wife 45.

Sergio Ramos’ €12,000,000 house

As Sergio was close to joining Paris Saint-Germain, his house in the north of Madrid was about to be finished. This is another reason to believe he really wanted to stay at Santiago Bernabeu in 2021. After all, he did put in €12,000,000 into the new house located in the La Moraleja area. While his previous house wasn't that far located.

While Sergio no longer lives in, or near Sevilla, he does have a big property in the vicinity. A horse stables or stud farm Yeguada SR4. One of his horses, it was revealed in the documentary, Yucatan SR4 won the World Championships twice.

Sergio states that spending time with horses is a favourite pass time to decompress from the pressures of performing and being a public persona. With a particular level of pride in this side of his work because horses are another symbol of his beloved country.

Yet, Sergio is a businessman as well and it was reported that one of his 50 or so horses, although one that he co-owned, was sold in 2023 for €1,500,000.

Sergio might be going for the title of the most Spanish man ever as another passion of his is music. Singing and playing the guitar. Not to mention the fact that he always dressed up like a matador whenever Spain or Real won something major.

Sergio Ramos tattoos

If there's anything that Sergio Ramos collected more so than trophies and red cards, it's the tattoos. Now it's estimated that he has over 42 pieces of ink art on his body. Religious items, including both Jesus and Mary, but also the Star of David to honour his grandma who gave a pendant of it to his mother.

A lion and a wolf are placed on his clavicles, although the eagle on the back of his neck might be the most famous of his tattoos. Underneath it, he perhaps has the writing that best fits his demeanour and vibe: "A Lion Never Loses Sleep Over The Opinion Of Sheep."

The whole back of Ramos is covered, as well as his arms. On his trapezoid muscles, Sergio has "mom" and "dad" tattooed up in a rigid, formal font. As well as the words "I confess that I have lived" on his chest.

As far as his footballing tattoos, he has a geometrical pitch on his side leg. A silhouette of the Champions League final header he scored in 2014. As well as the World Cup and Champions League trophies on his calves.

Sergio Ramos family

Clearly, by his tattoos, Ramos has a great relationship with his parents, Jose Maria and Paqui Ramos. In his documentary, Sergio’s voice started to break and shiver uncharacteristically as he spoke about the support he got from his father.

The youngest of three children, Sergio's career has been managed by his older brother Rene for over 14 years. As Ramos was often in the centre of transfer rumours whenever he wanted a pay rise at Bernabeu, this wasn't a vacation job for Rene. While the middle sister Miriam has kept outside of the public eye well.


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