Mbappe is demanding he plays on the left-wing for the next club

Josip Brajkovic
Josip Brajkovic
Published: 26. veljače 2021.

Mbappe is demanding he plays on the left-wing for the next club

While Paris Saint-Germain has seemingly locked in Neymar for the remainder of his career, the French club is struggling to do the same with Kylian Mbappe. Despite PSG battering Barcelona and announcing the changing of the guard at the top of Europe, if the Champions League final wasn't enough, the youngster isn't keen on staying.

Information emerges that further solidifies the belief that Mbappe will move in the summer.

Not information about a reinforced offer from Real Madrid, but simply that of Mbappe's positional preference. Surprisingly, the youngster doesn't want to play on the right-wing or the centre forward position, he wants to play as a left-winger.

He is demanding it from his future club, wherever he ends up being.

That seemingly eliminates PSG from his future even though he has two years left on his contract. Simply because that is where Neymar plays and the Brazilian is not going to reinvent himself while being a year away from his 30th birthday.

The possible reasoning behind this positional demand could be that Mbappe is looking to record the biggest numbers possible. Those reserved for Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi, who both started on wings opposing their stronger foot. With that, Mbappe could make more impact on the team, both in gameplay and statistics with assists and goals both. Driving the ball from deep and gliding past defenders, cutting inside, and scoring.

Which means its bad news for Real's wingers, possibly even Eden Hazard who is the club's designated left-wing. Or on paper he is.

Reports state that Paris Saint-Germain offered Mbappe a new four-year deal but the 22-year-old isn't keen on signing it. Now, PSG wants €200,000,000 for the young prodigy that is showing he is neck above else (bar Erling Haaland) in terms of displayed potential.


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