Buffon becomes the first goalkeeper ever to reach 500 clean sheets!!!

Josip Brajkovic
Josip Brajkovic
Published: 6. veljače 2022.

Buffon becomes the first goalkeeper ever to reach 500 clean sheets!!!

In a week during which he turned 44, Gianluigi Buffon entered a completely new page of the history books, recording his 500th career clean sheet! Becoming the first-ever goalkeeper to do so. Unsurprisingly.

As his Parma had a goalless draw with Benevento in Serie B, Buffon got to the 500 mark, that is the 500th game in which he didn't concede a goal, looking at the club and international games.

Playing for three clubs, Juventus, Parma, and Paris Saint-Germain, and Italy, Buffon got to the 500 clean sheets in 1,127 games! Meaning that in the 44.3% games Buffon played, his team didn't concede a goal. Making for a strong argument that the Italian is the best in his position ever.

A breakdown of his clean sheets shows that he had 92 for Parma, across both stints, with seven coming this season. As he played in 241 games for the Crusaders, that equates to a 38.1% clean sheet record.

Buffon played only 25 games during his one season with PSG, getting nine clean sheets for a ratio of 36% games without a conceded goal.

Juventus is where Buffon played the bulk of his career, 685 games and there he recorded 322 clean sheets, which is a ratio of 47% games without taking the ball out of his net.

While for Italy, in 176 international games, Buffon got to keep the Azzurri completely safe on 77 matches, a for the most impressive 43.75%, even though it's not the biggest ratio.

Despite the record, Parma's season is not going well and Buffon is entertaining the idea of leaving the club for going abroad in the summer. Despite being 44, he is still not ready to retire.

"I would not be surprised to be still fit at 48. Michael Jordan didn't rule out playing until 50 and I understand him. At the end of the day, we do the talking on the pitch. The truth is, I continue because I am doing things that others don't do. However, the dynamics make me understand that Qatar is impossible," said Buffon. 


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