Biggest now, covered in dust come tomorrow: Record Newcastle United transfers

Josip Brajkovic
Josip Brajkovic
Published: 12.5.2023.

Since the takeover, whenever a journalist in the United Kingdom is bored, he makes up some Newcastle United transfer rumours to fuel the viewership fires. It's known that the Saudis have bottomless coffers and everyone everywhere is being linked with a move to St. James’ Park.

While it's popular to say that money poured into a club is a cheat code of sorts, the recent years of European football prove that it is not a fail-safe. Hertha Berlin, Everton, Valencia, and so on were more of g. All clubs who had significant transfer purses yet failed to achieve anything. NUFC seems to be going at its own pace, with heavy expenses, but not proportionally to its actual spending power.

Still, it's clear to say that what are record Newcastle United transfers now, will be way clear of the top 15 lists tomorrow.

But by looking at the top five Newcastle United transfers, incoming and outgoing, the trajectory of the club is clearly visible. The new owners took charge of the club in fall of 2021 and already their purchases are holding six spots in the top 10 biggest NUFC transfers. Four of the five biggest.

Newcastle United Transfers: Five Biggest Purchases

5. Sven Botman (LOSC Lille) - €37,000,000 in the summer of 2022

Sven Botman

Not the biggest, but perhaps the seminal Newcastle United transfer in the first ciclus of the new owners' shopping era. Not only is Sven Botman a centre-back, one of the less exciting purchases from the point of a casual fan - he doesn't score and stars in viral dribbling TikTok videos - he was a hard transfer to pull off. Arguably, it was the first proper transfer saga of the Newcastle's new ownership.

Schooled in the prized Ajax academy, the 195 centimetres tall Dutch specimen won the shocking title in the physically hard league of France in the 2020/2021 season. It was clear that Botman was Newcastle's primary choice as the pillar in the defence. After all, his birth year starts with a number two - he has at least 12 years at the top if he keeps himself professional.

After winning Ligue 1, Lille wasn't ready to let go of their young prodigy in the desire to field a competitive side for the Champions League. Even though they paid him only €8,000,000 to Ajax in 2020. But due to the patience shown by the NUFC board, and the contract years dwindling down for Botman, he wasn't sold for the reportedly demanded €70,000,000. Rather €37,000,000.

Becoming a strong sign that NUFC transfers weren't going to look like the somewhat panicky early Manchester City days. Newcastle United had money, sure. But it also had a plan, patience, and poise.

4. Bruno Guimaraes (Olympique Lyon) - €45,380,000 in the winter of 2022

By Segue o Baile -, CC BY 3.0, Link

Another player coming in from Ligue 1 after a brief time of dominating in the league. Even though that hasn't panned out great for Tottenham and Arsenal with Tanguy Ndombele and Nicolas Pepe. Actually, Arsenal was the main competitor of NUFC for the transfer of Bruno Guimaraes. In gaining the Brazilian, the Magpies showed another important transfer ability - to beat out higher-profile competition.

The deep-lying midfielder was signed for a flat fee of €37,820,000 plus €7,560,000 in add-ons! Coming in the January window of 2022, Guimaraes has quickly adapted to the new league and the new team, becoming a pillar on the pitch. He moved after mere two years in France with Lyon, as he moved to Europe in the winter of 2022 for €20,000,000 from Athletico Paranaense.

Quickly, he got his Brazil national team debut and garnered 71 appearances for Olympique Lyon. The 25-year-old has been heavily employed by Eddie Howe and is another keystone in the new era of Newcastle.

3. Joelinton (Hoffenheim) €45,840,000 in the summer of 2019


Still the only Newcastle United transfer in the top five highest purchases that happened before the new ownership came in. At the time, it was the record purchase for Newcastle United, nearly doubling what was paid for Miguel Almiron seven months prior.

The second Brazilian on the list has already made 155 appearances for Newcastle United and is continuing to be a vital screw in the new machine. Even though his output hasn't been all that great, with only 22 goals and 11 assists, the attacking midfielder is a mainstay in the team due to his athletic abilities and work rate.

Yet he did promise more with 20 goal involvements across 36 games during his time at Hoffenheim.

2. Anthony Gordon (Everton) - for €51,570,000 in the winter of 2023

Anthony Gordon

The Liverpool-born winger was another purchase that fans would hope to see from their club after getting an influx of pounds. A young domestic winger with proven talent that was scouted by the big guns - Chelsea, in the past. Yet, at Goodison they felt they achieved a good deal with €45,840,000 coming as a flat fee, and €5,730,000 as add-ons.

Especially as the player who went through the youth ranks of the Toffees since the age of 11, handed in a transfer request. Going further than that actually, missing two training sessions in order to force a move to St. James' Park. Then issue a farewell letter edging the Everton fans to stick by their team. Even though, he hadn't.

In 78 matches for Everton, the left winger scored seven and assisted eight times. While his first 12 games for NUFC didn't see a statistical return.

1. Alexander Isak (Real Sociedad) - for €72,200,000 in the summer of 2022

Alexander Isak

Arriving late in August of 2022, striker Alexander Isak is the crowning signing of the new Newcastle United. The tall and mobile number nine has vast international experience, representing Sweden 39 times. Despite being only 22 when he joined the Premier League side, Isak already had 132 games for Real Sociedad, scoring 44 goals for the Spanish team.

While he also represented Borussia Dortmund in the past, despite a small return with the BVB that made them sell to Spain for €15,000,000 in 2019. The first season in England can be labelled a success with no qualms with 10 goals in the first 23 games. Yet the title of being the most expensive Newcastle United signing ever, for as long as it lasts, will require way more if NUFC is to achieve its lofty goals.


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