Red Bull soccer teams around the world

Josip Brajkovic
Josip Brajkovic
Published: 18.7.2023.

When talking about the absolute major football organizations in the world, one would be forgiven to jump right at your Real Madrids, Bayern Munichs, and Barcelonas. Yet, one endeavour spans countries and continents making it the biggest club in the world - Red Bull. Simply because there are several in the family. There are five Red Bull soccer teams around the world and each of them is contributing to the consortium of the energy drink company, taking charge at the world's most beloved sport.

So what is the hierarchy of Red Bull soccer teams around the world? What are each of the club's main purposes, their intricacies, how do they all coexist together, and many other questions about them will be answered below.

Post-mortem: Red Bull Ghana

By The logo may be obtained from Red Bull Ghana., Fair use, Link

The now-defunct club was an attempt of Red Bull football dynasty to establish a foothold in Africa. Gathering the best talents with a promise of streamlining them into Red Bull Salzburg or maybe even Leipzig.

The club was founded in 2008 and abolished in 2014, when Feyenoord took the facilities and the players and incorporated them into their own feeder club.

Red Bull Brasil - now known as Red Bull Bragantino II

Starting with the smallest club of the Red Bull soccer empire, it's the side formerly named Red Bull Brasil. Founded in 2007 by the company, the club failed to reach the top rank of the broad Brazilian football pyramid and was hence demoted into being a second team of the later acquired Atletico Bragantino, which will be explained below.

As far as the Red Bull Brasil, it was renamed as Red Bull Bragantino II in January of 2023. Using only players under the age of 23. It competes in the third tier of the Sao Paulo state championship. Hence, the club was often referred to as Red Bull Brasil (SP).

Just by name alone, the club was supposed to have a higher reach then it managed. Yet, the primary focus was always to scout and attract the top Brazilian talents. Hone them, and ship them off to one of the bigger branches, be it in Europe or North America. The most notable player who passed through Red Bull Brasil is Gustavo Scarpa, who ended there on a loan in 2015, playing a dozen games.

Red Bull Bragantino (Brasil)

Red Bull Bragantino

In 2020, when it was clear that the Red Bull Brasil project was too light to climb up to the top of the competitive Brazilian football hierarchy, Red Bull bought the Clube Atletico Bragantino. A side founded in 1928.

The company immediately changed the black-and-white crest and colours of the club to their trademark logo and branding with the two bulls. Firstly, Red Bull became a shirt sponsor of the team in 2019, taking them over completely in 2020.

Now, Red Bull Bragantino competes in Brazilian Serie A, the highest tier of Brazilian football. It also competes in the highest tier of the Sao Paulo state championship.

Currently, the most well-known team member of the side is Matheus Fernandes, who was briefly a member of Barcelona. Joining the Catalans in January 2020 for €7,000,000.

According to Transfermarkt, the current squad has a collective value of €83,500,000. Yet that is probably a bit too low, considering the side has an average age of 23.3 years!

The club's stadium is Estadio Nabi Abi Chedid and it takes in 13,212 people.

Not to mention having the already capped-by-Uruguay striker Thiago Borbas, as well as Ecuador national team members Leonardo Realpe and Jose Hurtado.

The club's two biggest purchases are Praxedes and Artur, both coming in really young from Internacional and Palmeiras, respectfully, for a fee of €6,000,000 each.

Artur was already sold for a €2,000,000 profit, yet the biggest sale of Red Bull Bragantino was made in the August of 2021 when Zenit St. Petersburg bought Claudinho for €12,000,000.

While the uproar against the Bragantino branch has been high - as is the case with the Red Bull soccer teams around the world, the success is coming strong and the club was the runner-up for the 2021 Copa Sudamericana.

Having ambition of its own, yet the key goal for Red Bull Bragantino is attracting the best talent from Brazil and shipping it off to Europe. Some to America.

New York Red Bulls (USA)

New York Red Bulls (USA)

Founded in 1995 as NY MetroStars, the club was sold to Red Bull in 2006.

The total value of the team is €38,950,000!

The average age of the New York Red Bulls is 22.9.

The club's record arrival was Kaku, bought from Hurracan in 2018 for €5,500,000.

Well-known USA failed talent Jozy Altidore is still the club's biggest sale, since the 2008 season when Villarreal paid €7,270,000.

New York Red Bulls play at the 25,000-seater Red Bull Arena!

The most notable player of NY RB is certainly Thierry Henry, who played in 135 games, scoring 52 goals and making 42 assists.

Yet the most well-utilized player is Bradley Wright-Phillips, who is second on the most appearances ranking with 240 games played for New York Red Bulls. BWP is also first on the top goalscoring record list with 126 goals.

New York Red Bulls' notable alumni are midfielder Tyler Adams and manager Jesse Marsch.

Yet, the club is still titleless.

FC Liefering (Austria)

FC Liefering logo.png
By, Fair use, Link

The only of the key Red Bull soccer teams across the world that doesn't carry the company's name. Yet considering it's a second team for the Austrian Bundesliga squad Red Bull Salzburg, serving the development of the youngest players, name brand wasn't that important here.

However, the former player list is impressive for a second-tier club: Karim Adeyemi, Mergim Berisha, Duje Caleta Car, Patson Daka, Amadou Haidara, Konrad Laimer, Dominik Szoboszlai...

Red Bull Salzburg (Austria)

Red Bull Salzburg (Austria)

Playing at the Red Bull Arena Salzburg with 30,188 seats, it's the bedrock of the Red Bull soccer team empire.

Formerly, from 1933 until 2005, it was known as SV Austria Salzburg. Then, Red Bull bought the club and changed its crest and colours.

The club won two titles in the 1990s, before Red Bull. It was even a UEFA Cup runner-up in 1994.

Getting 14 titles since the energy drink gave it wings. That is money.

Salzburg won the Austrian Cup nine times, all in the RB era.

The current value of the team is at €204,430,000. Which is four times bigger than their closest Austrian counterparts.

The average age of the side is 21.5 years!

Salzburg is known as the talent specialist, so their record signing of the 18-year-old Lucas Gourna-Douath in the summer of 2022 for €13,000,000 from Saint-Etienne was dully noted.

Dominik Szoboszlai is the biggest sale of the club, going to the younger and more cherished sibling Leipzig for €36,000,000.

Outside the Red Bull family, the biggest sale is that of Brendan Aaronson to Leeds for €32,840,000.

In the pool of worthy former players, the name of Erling Haaland truly stands out.

RB Leipzig (Germany)

RB Leipzig (Germany)

The most hated club in Germany.

But also the crown jewel of the Red Bull soccer teams around the world. The most ambitious one, with the highest goals.

Yet also the one that can't compete under it's intended name, as the German Football Association forbids corporate titles being used as club names.

Hence, the RB Leipzig sollution. In which “RB” officially stands for “RasenBallsport”. This means "Lawn Ball Sports" and shows just how desperately Red Bull wanted to keep the association to themselves.

The club was founded in 2009 when the corporation bought the rights of the fifth-tier side SSV Markranstädt.

Leipzig also plays at the Red Bull Arena, and has the biggest stadium with 47,069 seats. Overall, the value of the team is more than twice higher than that of its older sibling Salzuburg - at €425,700,000.

How can it not be, when Salzburg players "graduate" in Leipzig.

The biggest purchase from outside the family is Dani Olmo from Dinamo Zagreb for €29,000,000 in 2019. Overall it's Szoboszlai.

Szoboszlai is also the biggest sale of RB Leipzig's history, with his 2023 move to Liverpool earning €70,000,000 for the Bundesliga side.

Club's legends are Timo Werner, Yussuf Poulsen, Emil Forsberg, and Willi Orban. Leipzig has managed quite well of keeping the same core since progressing through the German football pyramid.

It seems that it's only a matter of time when the collective effort of Red Bull soccer teams around the world culminates with Leipzig winning a Bundesliga title.


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