Top 10 Richest football clubs in the World 2023

Josip Brajkovic
Josip Brajkovic
Published: 12.6.2023.

One side of the argument overvalues money placed in, claiming it equals to triumph, despite the shortcomings of Hertha, Everton, or even Manchester United. While the opposite point to Sevilla and their undeniable successes are disproportionate to the investment poured in. Regardless, there is no denying that money matters as the list of top 10 richest football clubs in the world 2023 proves with its selected company.

Taking a look into the richness of a club could be viewed in different ways, like estimating the value of a club if it goes on the billionaire’s market. Yet arguably the best and most accurate way of determining the richest football clubs in the world is by looking at their revenue. As reported by the UK financial company Deloitte.

#10 richest club in the world: Arsenal (England) - €433,000,000


Even though their fans clamoured for an ownership change just a year ago, Arsenal pushed for a strong title race in the 2022/2023 season. While also being one of the top 10 richest clubs in the world. Replacing Juventus on the list compared to last year. Their revenue of €433,000,000 is primarily earned through broadcasting deals, 40%. Followed by commercial endeavours at 38%, and matchday income at the Emirates at 22%.

#9 richest club in the world: Tottenham Hotspur (England) - €523,000,000

Tottenham Hotspur

Right above their closest rivals - an unusual sight the common Arsenal fan would say - is Tottenham Hotspur. With a stark numerical difference between the two neighbours. The North London side benefited hugely from the building of their gigantic new stadium and their matchday proceedings make for 24% of the total revenue. Commercial windfall amounts to 41% of the earnings and broadcast rights 35%.

#8 richest club in the world: Chelsea (England) - €568,300,000


Finishing the London clubs trio at the edge of the top 10 richest clubs in the world list, is Chelsea. A club that suffered the biggest turmoil in the past year, with a change of ownership. New leaf in the history book is not looking great and it wouldn't be surprising if CFC is out of the top 10 richest sides next year due to missing out on European football. Almost half of their revenue, 49% is due to broadcast rights, 14% for matchday income due to Stamford Bridge's size, and 37% is due to commercial income.

#7 richest club in the world: Barcelona (Spain) - €638,200,000


For a club that seemed at the brink of bankruptcy not that long ago, Barcelona rose like a phoenix. While their trend isn't looking that great as Barca usually was amongst the top three richest clubs in the world, the resilience of the powerhouse is encouraging. Despite having such a massive stadium in Nou Camp, the revenue percentage from it is 16%. That's a great credit to the marketing power of Blaugrana as they get 45% of the revenue from commercial endeavours and 39 from broadcasting.

#6 richest club in the world: Bayern Munich (Germany) - €653,600,000

Bayern Munich

Bundesliga's powerhouse stands high as the sixth richest club in the world for 2023. Known as one of the country's biggest brands, alongside the car manufacturers, it's not surprising to see that 58% of Bayern's revenue came from commercial moves. That's the name value of FCB in Germany. Despite Allianz Arena being packed to the brim, 10% of the revenue is from matchday, mostly due to German fans' unity keeping the ticket prices comparatively low. As the league leader, the broadcast rights amount to 32% of Bayern's yearly revenue.

#5 richest club in the world: Paris Saint-Germain (France) - €654,200,000

Paris Saint-Germain

Naturally, the only representative of France in the selective list, but Ligue 1 doesn't have a side in the top 20 richest clubs of the world list besides PSG. Competing in the least popular league sees the Saints get 22% of their money from broadcast, the money poured into Parc des Princes amounts to 20%, and the rich sponsors and other commercial income add up to 58% of Paris Saint-Germain's revenue.

#4 richest club in the world: Manchester United (England) - €688,600,000

Manchester United

Despite years of subpar performances for their standards, Manchester United remains a trademark like no other in football. This is why their commercial income still amounts to 45% of their income. Due to a strong international following throughout the years and an exciting squad, broadcast rights make up for 37% of revenue. Despite having the biggest stadium in the Premier League, United gets only 18% of their cash flow from the matchday income.

#3 richest club in the world: Liverpool (England) - €701,700,000


Six of the top ten richest clubs in the world are from England, and LFC is just one of three total that passed the 700 million mark. The Reds get 16% of revenue from their famed home Anfield Road due to matchday income, 39% from the commercial windfall, and 45% from broadcasting rights. Proving the global appeal of the Merseyside club.

#2 richest club in the world: Real Madrid (Spain) - €713,800,000

Real Madrid

It's impossible to imagine a list of top three richest clubs in the world without the eternal powerhouse that is Real Madrid. The Madrid side currently gets 12% of their revenue from matchday income, yet that number will rise when the renovation of Santiago Bernabeu is completed. With 45% and 43% of revenue come from commercial and broadcast deals of La Liga's giant, respectfully.

#1 richest club in the world: Manchester City (England) - €731,000,000

Manchester City

A strong argument for those who believe money equals success, Manchester City tops the revenue side as much as it does the footballing rankings. The richest club in the world might be the best, yet the difference to other clubs is smaller in revenue than it is in perceived quality and stability. With commercial windfall including sponsorships leading the charge with 51% of the revenue. Yet quality gets the eyeballs even though City doesn't have decades at the top, so the side earns 40% of its income through broadcast rights. While only 9% comes from matchday income at the Etihad.

A fact fans of their rivals will love to mention. While City fans will wipe their tears away with pounds and tournament finals tickets.

The rankings amongst the top 10 richest football clubs in the world will certainly shift after the abysmal 2022/2023 season some of the sides had, like Chelsea or THFC. So make sure you check back to InsideSport for the regular breakdowns.


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