Top 10 Highest jumps in football history

Josip Brajkovic
Josip Brajkovic
Published: 13.6.2023.

Unlike some other sports, football isn't primarily and solely about athleticism - some world-class players look more like IT experts after all - it is an exciting component of the game. Who is the fastest, strongest, most agile, who has the biggest stamina? But also who has the most exciting aerial ability. Even though you probably know the answer to the question, the stories about the top 10 highest jumps in football history will make you want to yell out "Siuu!!"

Of course, all the numbers in this ranking of highest jumps in football are done from the grass to the point of contact between the ball and the head. Also, we are only including headers that resulted in goals.

#10 highest jump in football history Cristiano Ronaldo vs Wales (2.42 metres)

Producing for his country by whatever means possible, Cristiano scored one of his trademark levitating goals against Wales in the 2016 Euros played in France. It was in the semi-finals, as much as it might surprise those with weaker memories, as The Dragons exceeded expectations. Yet they were drenched in cold water as the superstar couldn't be contained after a corner.

#9 highest jump in football history Cristiano Ronaldo vs Osasuna (2.44 metres)

In a 7:1 trashing of Osasuna in 2011, Cristiano Ronaldo scored two high-soaring headers, yet the second one entered legend. The Spanish commentators had to bring out their meters as the Portuguese leap-frogged the defender to the ball after a break on the right side. Making him seem like an adult playing against children. One of three headers scored against Osasuna on the night.

#8 highest jump in football history Cristiano Ronaldo vs Wales (2.42 metres)

A name that will dominate this list of highest jumpers in football. No surprise there. What is possibly surprising is just how much of hopping CR7 did at the later stages of his career, at Juventus. This time, he did in the overlooked city derby against Torino in 2019. Cristiano equalized the game after a cross that saw him remarkably unmarked. So at first glance, it doesn't seem as impressive as other Ronaldo jump records, yet the numbers don't lie.

#7 highest jump in football history Zlatan Ibrahimovic vs Inter (2.53 metres)

Finally, we reach a jump record that wasn't made by Cristiano Ronaldo. While it's not a goal in truth, as the jump was measured for the assist Zlatan Ibrahimovic made for Ante Rebic to open the scoring in a Milan derby. Back in 2020. Later Ibra scored a header himself - where he didn't even had to jump - yet Inter pulled a magnificent comeback and won 4:2.

Of course, the measurement for the record jumps in football measures from the ground to the point of contact with the ball and it does help that Zlatan is 195 centimetres tall.

#6 highest jump in football history Cristiano Ronaldo vs Sampdoria (2.56 metres)

One of the most well-known high jumps of Ronaldo, as the Italian press is still in recovery mode after the veteran soared to the height of 2 metres and 56 centimetres. The funny thing is that Cristiano is pretty diagonal at the time he strikes the ball with his head back in this 2019 game. So in reality, if the cross was higher, he could've had an even more asinine number.

#5 highest jump in football history Victor Osimhen vs Spezia (2.58 metres)

We often had the press calling players wearing face masks Zorros, or Batmans. Well, Victor Osimhen had a performance to go with it as he soared to the height of 2.58 meters against Spezia. Like a superhero. In a 3:0 win over Spezia, Napoli's frontman beat the goalkeeper and the defender to the punch in a ball that was falling straight down after a bad clearance. So no excuses here for the defence. Yet, all plauds to Osimhen who is even shorter than CR7 at 186 cm.

#4 highest jump in football history Fikayo Tomori vs Juventus (2.61 metres)

This time, Cristiano Ronaldo was on the receiving end of a high-flying header. At least his team was. IN 2021, the centre-back Fikayo Tomori reacted well to a free-kick and banged in a off-the grass header. A heavily contested one, yet the veteran Giorgio Chiellini was making up for a teammate's error and was blown away by the former Chelsea man. Tomori settled the score at 3:0.

#3 highest jump in football history Bevis Mugabi vs Ross County (2.62 metres)

The first player on this list of biggest jumps in football history that needs an introduction. Playing in the Scottish Premier League, the Uganda international Bevis Mugabi was powerful to reach the ball after a corner and his yellow shirt visibly soared above everyone on the pitch. Motherwell's defender also seemed to take tricks from CR7's book as he seemingly did coast in the air for a millisecond.

#2 highest jump in football history Youssef En-Nesyri vs Portugal (2.78 metres)

Live by the gun, die by the gun, number two. Once again, this list of highest jumps in the world can't go without Cristiano Ronaldo. This time on the receiving end. As Youssef En-Nesyri scored a goal against Portugal in the FIFA 2022 World Cup quarter-final. Both the keeper Diogo Costa and centre-back Ruben Dias were powerless against the 192 cm tall En-Nesyri following a cross.

#1 highest jump in football history Cristiano Ronaldo vs Manchester United (2.93 metres)

Of course, CAir7 holds the highest jump record in football. Even though he scored some soaring headers for Manchester United - like the one against Roma - this time the Red Devils were paying the price for helping create such an athletic monster. Following a cross by Angel Di Maria from the left side, Real Madrid's star leapt over his friend - but then opponent - Patrice Evra and send a perfect header from far above.

Ronaldo's highest jump ever was enough for the equalization against his former side. But more importantly, it was enough for history.

Each of these 10 highest jumps in football history is an athletic achievement in itself and it will be interesting to see how much time will have to pass for the youngsters to push Cristiano Ronaldo off it.


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