Brazil dominates Europe: Most Champions League goals scored by nationality top 10!

Josip Brajkovic
Josip Brajkovic
Published: 6.12.2021.

Brazil dominates Europe: Most Champions League goals scored by nationality top 10!

There are few things, if any, as European as the Champions League anthem. Yet the competition that gives meaning to Tuesdays and Wednesdays is shaped by people from all continents and all countries. Cristiano Ronaldo of course dominates the goalscoring ranking on the individual level, yet who has the most Champions League goals per nationality?

Starting in descending order, here are the 10 countries whose players scored the most Champions League goals.

10. Russia - 213 goals

Certainly the most surprising entry of the top 10, especially as Russia doesn't have a player in the top 50 of the goalscoring rankings. Actually, their top goalscorer in the competition is Sergey Yuran, now 52, who scored 13 goals. Artem Dzyuba is second with nine goals. Yet the Russian benefit from their clubs often going at least in the group stages and having a lot of domestic players in the team.

9. Portugal - 433 goals

Having the competition's best goalscorer ever only gets you so far! Cristiano Ronaldo's tally of 140 goals in the CL is a third of all of the goals scored by Portuguese players in the competition. Second behind him is Eusebio wtih 46, after which we have Luis Figo with 24 goals. Of the still active players in European football, Bernardo Silva is at eight goals.

8. England - 449 goals

Suffering from success is the story of English football and its precious Premier League. Because the clubs have so much money, they can splurge on buying the best strikers from other nations. Making their own tally suffer. Individually, the best placement the English have is through Wayne Rooney and his 30 goals in the Champions League, putting him at joint 24th spot. England's other best scorers are midfielders Paul Scholes and Frank Lampard with 24 and 23 respectfully. Of the active players, Raheem Sterling benefits from playing for Manchester City and has 23 goals, while Harry Kane is at 20, albeit in nearly a third as many games.

7. Italy - 459 goals

Another demoralizing inclusion, as the top five European footballing nation has been beaten by neighbours alike and countries from across the ocean. Two different players lead the charge for Azzurri, the poacher Filippo Inzaghi with 46 goals, and the maestro Alessandro Del Piero with 42. Inzaghi on level with Eusebio at number 12, Del Piero alone at the 15th spot individually. Of the active players, Lorenzo Insigne is at 11, while Italy's number nine Ciro Immobile has as many goals as his shirt suggests.

6. The Netherlands - 503 goals

Sixth-placed Dutch have tremendous help in the form of individually sixth-placed Ruud van Nistelrooy who scored 56 goals for PSV, Manchester United, and Real Madrid. Arjan Robben bagged 31 throughout his career, while Patrick Kluivert and Roy Makaay scored 29 each. Memphis Depay is 24th for the Netherlands with eight goals so far, and the way Barca's season is going he might skip adding to his tally next year.

5. Argentina - 578 goals

One of two non-European nations that are in the top 10 of countries with most Champions League goals. Argentina has the competition's second-best goalscorer Leo Messi with 123 goals, although that is 21.2% of his country's total. The next best behind him are Sergio Aguero with 41 goals, and Hernan Crespo with 25. Paulo Dybala is set to take over the mantel with the 28-year-old on 18 goals.

4. Germany - 580 goals

Two Mullers are the best goalscorers Germany had in the European Cup/Champions League, Thomas and Gerd. With the current Bayern Munich player having the best tally at 49 goals and counting. Gerd stopped at 34, yet he scored them in impressive 35 games. Mario Gomez is third with 26, while Marco Reus is close at 19 goals, followed by Leroy Sane of the younger generation, with 14 goals.

3. France - 763 goals

A massive step up compared to the previous nations, France benefits from having a great lineage of goalscorers. None more prominent in the CL than Karim Benzema with 76 goals, enough for the fourth spot on the all-time list. Thierry Henry is also in top 10 with 50 goals. Even though he's only 22, Kylian Mbappe is already in the top three with 29 goals, the same as David Trezeguet managed in his whole career. Of the still relevant players, Antoine Griezmann is highly placed at 28 goals.

2. Spain - 767 goals

Just one name in the top 20 goalscorers individually, Raul, yet Spain benefits from having the competition's most successful club in Real Madrid. The Real legend Raul scored 71 goals and is now on the fifth spot in the all-time goalscorers list. Alfredo Di Stefano, even though he played for Argentina and Colombia too, played for the Red Fury the most, 31 games, so they get his CL goals too. All 49 of them. Fernando Morientes bagged 33 goals, Paco Gento 30, while the often disputed Alvaro Morata is fifth for the second nation, getting 23 goals so far.

1. Brazil - 962 goals

Most clubs turn to Brazil when they lack goalscoring, attacking talent and it shows as Brazilians don't have any player in the top 15 of the all-time CL goalscorers list. Yet they have numbers. Neymar is the most successful finisher in the competition with 41 goals so far, followed by Kaka who scored 30. Rivaldo finishes the top three with 27 goals, while Jardel and Giovane Elber are fourth and fifth. Comparatively, Ronaldo Nazario has only 14 goals in the competition he never won, behind Roberto Carlos, Hulk, Willian, and Roberto Firmino.

Yet the Brazilians have 27 players who have scored double digits in the Champions League and those numbers add up!



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