Bayern's CEO Oliver Kahn: The Premier League IS the Superleague

Josip Brajkovic
Josip Brajkovic
Published: 6.12.2021.

Bayern's CEO Oliver Kahn: The Premier League IS the Superleague

The so-called European Superleague project has crashed and burned this year, yet Bayern Munich's chief executive officier Oliver Kahn claims that there already is a Superleague. Although it is called the Premier League.

Bayern wasn't a part of the 12 breakaway clubs that tried to form the ESL and is still against it. Kahn insinuated that because of the money invested in English football, the PL has a massive advantage compared to the rest of the clubs in Europe.

"We always talk about the Super League, which thankfully didn't come. Basically, however, you can say that it has been around for a long time. The Premier League is the Super League. We are thinking about it. Basically, we're already left behind when it comes to the Bundesliga," stated Kahn.

The former goalkeeper certainly implied that the money that is pumped into the Premier League by billionaires such as Roman Abramovich, or state-backed entities like for Manchester City and now Newcastle United, completely change the landscape.

His disdain for ESL suggests that Bayern isn't looking to join some close format organisation, yet that it might propose a ruling change so that the clubs don't have such limits to investing.

Famously, Germany implores a 50+1 rule that prohibits a private entity from owning a football club. Although RB Leipzig completely avoided the ruling by utilizing loopholes, becoming the biggest enemy of other German fans.

Bayern is facing issues of its own, within their home. As the fans are objecting to deals made with the Qatar government, resulting in a scandal in a recent large meeting of the club's representatives that included fans. The current deal with Qatar runs until 2023 and the fans demand a complete abondonment of it.



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