Werner on his Chelsea shortcomings: It brought me down to Earth

Werner on his Chelsea shortcomings: It brought me down to Earth

Timo Werner has been arguably the best pick for a world-class team looking to find a future leading striker this summer. Chelsea secured his move but the German hasn't started firing as it was expected.

The 24-year-old centre-forward moved from RB Leipzig in a move worth €53,000,000 but disappointed. He already talked about his shock at the difference between the Premier League and the Bundesliga, but now he further reiterated it.

Self-admittedly, Werner believed in his own hype. But in England, he faced reality in the form of big, powerful centre-backs.

"At the beginning, I had this self-image that I can go on doing my thing here, but in the last few months I have been brought down to earth. It's the way in England that you never have a quiet game. The players are 1.9 meters tall, brutal physically and really fast - including the defenders. It's impressive what intensity is going on in the Premier League," said Werner to German media Kicker.

Although many rightfully stated that Werner faced mountains like Niklas Sule in Germany and that his excuse or reasoning might not hold water. But others state that the defenders get away with being more physical in England and that the German is referring to that.

Werner has contributed 10 goals and nine assists to the Blues' cause in 33 appearances in all competitions in 2020/2021. Meaning that his output is far from abysmal and the German had four of his shots hit the post in the Premier League alone.

"Of course I noticed that in such a lull you are no longer necessarily called a super striker. I just had to let go of all the pressure of having to score goals."

Now, with compatriot Thomas Tuchel in charge of his team, Werner has it a bit easier.

"Even though I work a lot on my English, I couldn't always express myself the way I wanted and had to be careful not to be misunderstood. That's naturally now no longer a problem, so you almost feel a bit more at home."


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