Villarreal gets two key Valencia players, the captain for FREE

Villarreal gets two key Valencia players, the captain for FREE

It all started last summer when the successful and beloved manager Marcelino was sacked and the players publically bemoaned the decision. Now Valencia is obviously on a steep downward spiral as the club missed out on European football and has now lost all credentials in the transfer market.

Villarreal pounced on the opportunity and grabbed two key Valencia players for peanuts. Or less than. Dani Parejo, Valencia's long term captain, has been given to the Yellow Submarine for free! While the former Arsenal midfielder Francis Coquelin was sold for just €8,000,000! A robbery if ever there was any.

But can you call it a steal when the party owning the valuables hands them away willingly?

Valencia fans certainly think so as they demonstrated in front of Mestalla after the announcements were made. Their target - Peter Lim, the owner who is ruining their club in their opinion. Not only giving away their best players but doing so to their direct rivals for continental football spots.

The club stated that it was necessary to offload Parejo's salary and that a bankrupt club isn't good to anyone. Reports from Spain state that only Jose Gaya is deemed unsellable by the board as of now.

To look at the better side of things, we must go to El Madrigal, or what is now known as Estadio de la Ceramica. Villarreal did business a few lauded sporting directors could achieve. Not only did they secure these two midfielders for the next four seasons both, they also acquired the Japanese prospect, Takefusa Kubo, on loan from Real Madrid. A player who is coming for free but will surely boost the shirt sales on the far east.

Although Villarreal isn't without departures as the Turkish striker Enes Unal left for Getafe in a deal worth €9,000,000.

But Parejo's story remains the most powerful one in this transfer bonanza. A man who played 381 games for Los Che, scoring 65 goals, was shunned away.

"For me, Valencia is the best. I have not been to another club like it. Yes, I am leaving in pain. I would have liked to be in the Mestalla, but ... it's like that. It couldn't be. I would have liked to say goodbye to the club from my other home, Mestalla," said Parejo with tears in his eyes.


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