Valverde: If Barcelona had beaten Liverpool, we'd have won the Copa del Rey final too

Valverde: If Barcelona had beaten Liverpool, we'd have won the Copa del Rey final too

Despite winning La Liga last season, Barcelona's campaign was considered a failure as the team was eliminated shockingly in the Champions League semi-finals after winning the first leg 3:0, and because they were defeated in the Spanish Cup. Liverpool made the first blow by winning 4:0, and the manager Ernesto Valverde doesn't believe the defeat to Valencia in the domestic tournament would've happened without it.

Criticized Valverde believes that Barca had a great CL run before the sudden 4:0 defeat. He also believes that the previous season's sudden exit to Roma, when he was also in charge of the club, bore heavy on his players.

"Until Liverpool. we were having an incredible Champions League. At Anfield, we had chances but they scored early on and psychologically we started worrying that what happened in Rome might happen again. There was a moment of weakness and we paid for it. It was one of the toughest moments of the year. We must admit that the hit we took in Liverpool meant our morale was down going into the Copa final If we'd won against Liverpool, we'd have won the Copa final too," Valverde said in an interview for Barcelona's official website.

Valverde's team will await New Year's as the top team in the division.

"We didn't start well, but we've gradually been getting better. We're top of the table but there's still a long way to go. This year is tighter than other years. It's harder to win games. Next year, we need to be more on top of certain key moments, and we especially need to be careful not to leak two goals in a matter of minutes. Our target is to win every game. You are always going to need a little bit of luck, but we'll try to get a fortune to tip our way and we'll do everything we can to make that happen."

The Spanish manager, who has a win ratio of 67.83% with Barca, addressed the new signings of the club.

"Antoine Griezmann is not just a goalscorer but also a hard worker. He knows how to drop into midfield, and he knows the moment in which he has to help the full-back. We are very happy with him. Frenkie de Jong covers a lot of ground and he is playing well. However, he still has more to give, especially inside the opponents' box. Neto and Junior are performing as expected. When Junior has come in for Jordi Alba, he has done well, and he is getting more and more involved. As for Neto, he is always ready to come in for Marc-Andre ter Stegen and he is a very competitive player."


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