Uli Hoeness: Alaba's agent is a money-grabbing piranha, United and Liverpool blackmailing us

Uli Hoeness: Alaba's agent is a money-grabbing piranha, United and Liverpool blackmailing us

We read statements of people from the world of football so often that we can all become public relations managers for every club. Most of them follow a pattern, a code of conduct but most of them are not spoken by Uli Hoeness.

Long-time Bayern Munich manager, who stepped down to an honorary position only last year, managed to stirr up waters in Germany and to cause up blushes across the borders as well. He only commented on the transfer situation at Bayern.

The treble-winning side is mostly focusing on its own players as of now, and one of the goals is to see David Alaba remain. A difficult task, according to Ulrich Hoeness.

"We all want David to stay with us because he's a great boy. Hansi Flick really wants to keep him, but he has a greedy piranha as an agent. The father, whom I actually like very much and with whom I've always had great conversations, is being influenced by him. It's really all about the money. He already plays for the best club in the world. Where else should he go? The final one, two, or three million Euros won't make him happier," said Hoeness making the negotiations for the people in the club that much harder.

As Alaba was always interested in the celebrity culture England seems as the only other option for him. That's where Thiago Alcantara is set on going too. Honess is frustrated by the midfielder who signed an extension with the club only to issue a plea to leave several days later.

Liverpool and Manchester United are both interested and Hoeness believes he already reached an agreement on personal terms with either or both clubs. Now, he thinks their stalling with the offer is nothing more than blackmail.

"Thiago obviously came to an agreement with one of these clubs, yet neither has tried to contact us. Both clubs are bluffing. They’ll wait until the last week and then try to make us accept a cheap offer. That’s not a business method from my perspective," said the eccentric Hoeness.

A deal for Thiago should be in the range of €30,000,000 according to reports. Bayern might also have another saga on its hands at the end of next summer as Lucas Hernandez announced that he might be looking to move on if he gets the same amount of playing time as he did in this season. 


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