Two Benfica players injured following the bus attack

Two Benfica players injured following the bus attack

Portuguese Primeira League returned this week after the coronavirus break, with both Porto and Benfica failing to win their games. 

Porto lost on the road against Famalicao 1-2 while Benfica couldn' t break Tondela last night at home in a silent atmosphere without fans in stands. 

Despite the empty stands in Primeira, fans gathered to support the club outside Estadio da Luz.

However, Benfica players felt the fans' anger and primitive behavior after the game . The group of fans stoned the club bus with the players being carried inside.

Reaction from the fans was 'provoked' following the poor reaction of the team on appeared chance - Benfica failed to overtake lead on standings table after FC Porto slipped on the road against Famalicao.

Two Benfica players are hospitalized following the attack. Serbian Andrija Zivkovic and German Julian Weigl were hit with shrapnel while sitting in the bus, Benfica has announced. 

The attack happened on the road between the stadium and training complex ground. 

"Benfica denounce and lament the criminal stoning the bus of its players was victim to," a Benfica club statement read.

 "We guarantee total collaboration with authorities to whom we appeal for the greatest effort to be made in identifying the delinquents responsible for these criminal acts."

In a separate statement the league officials wrote:

"Liga Portugal strongly condemns the cowardly attack in which the Benfica squad was targeted tonight after playing CD Tondela"

"It is absolutely unacceptable that events like these continue to take place in society, it's important to make clear that the perpetrators of these acts are not football fans, but criminals who will be identified by the security forces and held responsible."

Porto and Benfica are now level on top with 60 points. The battle for the title is getting hot.

Hence the unwanted, nonfootball primitive acts amongst the football crowd are not helping the sport and are only spreading fear throughout the people around the beautiful game.


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