Tuchel: Not everybody likes me in the dressing room, that's just not possible

Tuchel: Not everybody likes me in the dressing room, that's just not possible

Frank Lampard got the sack at the club he gave most of his playing career because the executives wanted to give Thomas Tuchel a chance to awake the squad. Especially to enhance the performances of his German players.

For starters, the young manager got the sympathies of the media in England because of his open approach. Yet, he stated that is just a piece of the puzzle.

"Just because I'm trying hard to be kind to you guys [the media], does not mean that I am trying too hard and that everybody loves me in the dressing room because this simply does not exist," Tuchel said.

The German revealed he doesn't hold back from showing emotions, good ones or bad.

"It is not necessary. But, in a moment where I am happy I can tell them also that I am happy with their attitude, their performance and the atmosphere in the dressing room. There is no harm in that, I don't hold it back then."

Known as the passionate fanatic in a business full of them, Tuchel can raise his voice.

"Can I be a shouter? Yeah, of course, if it's absolutely necessary. But I can be totally emotional, and I can also totally be a shouter if I feel this is the minute to do it and to surprise. If you do it all the time then no one would listen because it becomes a habit, so everybody gets used to it. The goal is also to stay a little bit unpredictable, and most of the time to be reasonable because, for me, it is important we build a trust and relationship that we can rely on."

Having led three consecutive major clubs, especially considering he run PSG, the manager gave his two cents on the idea of handling a dressing room full of professional players.

"Player's won't get punished, shouted at or insulted in front of a group, this is unacceptable. But if we have to point out things clearly I'm a big friend of doing it in front of the whole group. If we have behaviours that harm the group and cause trouble for the team on the pitch, we should tell the players individually, but I believe strongly that everybody has to have the personality to swallow criticism in front of the group."

In the end, Tuchel lost the romanticism for some aspects of the job and is a realist.

"I don't do stuff to be loved by everyone in the dressing room, this is not possible."


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