Tevez: Ronaldo spends the entire day in the gym, it's an obsession


Since the rivalry between Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi started people have been saying that the Portuguese are a training-perfected machine, while the Argentinian is a talented magician. Messi' compatriot Carlos Tevez, who was a teammate with both superstars, one in Manchester United, other in Argentina's national team, has a similar view.

Tevez played with CR7 for two seasons, 2007/2008 and 2008/2009, and he was one of the people who witnessed Ronaldo's famous work ethic in person.

"He spends the entire day in the gym, it's an obsession. I remember that we needed to train at 9, I arrived at 8 and he was already there. So I tried to arrive at 7:30 and he was already there. One time I did everything to get there before him, I arrived at the pitch at 6:30, but he was already there. He was half asleep but there he was," said the 35-year-old Tevez.

Tevez played for Argentina 76 times, surprisingly scoring only 13 goals, but he had time to get to know Messi too. He believes that his compatriot is more of a natural, but still revealed on which areas of the game the Barcelona star worked on the most.

"Messi isn't like this, to him it all comes naturally. But for what doesn't come naturally to him, he trains for. One time he wasn't kicking free kicks well, now he puts them all in the corner. He trained and improved," continued Tevez.

Most fans believe that Messi is a far superior free-kick taker than Cristiano, especially with CR7's bad record at Juventus, but the Portuguese actually has 54 goals from direct free-kicks, four more than Leo. While Cristiano was in Spain, he scored only one free-kick goal less than Messi - 32:33.

Since the 2014/2015 season, Messi greatly improved his free-kick taking as he had just 19 goals in this fashion then. Many in Argentina believe it was Diego Maradona who taught Messi how to take free-kicks right back in 2010 although the stats don't back the belief. 


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