Tadic: If Ajax had taken what belonged to us against Spurs, we would have defeated Liverpool

Tadic: If Ajax had taken what belonged to us against Spurs, we would have defeated Liverpool

For Tottenham supporters, it was the moment in which watching their club paid off tenfold. For Ajax's fans (and most neutrals) it was devastating to see Lucas Moura win the Champions League semi-final leg for Spurs. Dusan Tadic was one of the main men in the young Dutch team's still impressive run.

Now, a club captain, the Serbian still can get that loss to Spurs out of his mind.

"I would give anything if I could erase that match from memory. Doesn't matter, it won't get out of your head. I'm still looking for the answer to the question of how could we got knocked out in that semifinal. As much as I try, I fall into a growing trap. If Ajax had taken what belonged to us in a Tottenham match, we would have defeated Liverpool in the May final at Madrid's Wanda," said Tadic.

The bitterness of Ajax's fans and players (and the neutrals once again) was increased when the two English sides gave the world one of the worst Champions League finals.

"It was, without any dilemma, one of the worst finals in history. Ajax would certainly not play as poorly as Tottenham and would be much more inspired than Liverpool. The confidence of the Ajax players represented such a force that Liverpool would not have adequate defence... The end."

Last season, Ajax went past Real Madrid and Juventus to reach the semifinals. Now, Tadic sees Manchester City as the more likely team to go through. Putting it as one of the favourites for winning the competition.

"The Manchester team seems too solid and secure. Alongside them, one of the favourites is Juventus. I would also add Bayern Munich. I don't see the fourth one because the fog is here in Amsterdam. Serious fog. You will understand," Tadic joked.

Tadic would probably be the happiest to see Juve win the trophy for the man he replaced as Ajax's captain.

"As for Juve, suffice it to say: Ronaldo. I must not, and I will not, forget my former team-mate, centre-back De Ligt. Hats down in front of the always difficult and for silverware ready Bayern. Individuals, team, everything in its place."

The man who was wanted by Barcelona this winter for a loan doesn't seem them as the best candidates for the big-eared trophy.

"Something is missing from the Catalans, besides the injured Suarez. I really can't explain what exactly, but something is missing. Evidently. That's why I don't see Barca in the favourites group. Messi is wonderful, but..."

The Serbian was then asked to give his answer for the eternal question: Messi or Ronaldo.

"Things are like this: Messi is the best in footballing terms, but Ronaldo is a real leader," Dusan Tadic diplomatically replied.

Former Dutch player Wim Kieft said that Tadic is the most complete Ajax forward since Marco van Basten.

Tadic was asked if he spotted a new star in the competition but he turned the attention to a club, not a player. Giving his props to Atalanta for playing all-out attacking football.


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