Suarez on Barca's treatment: They asked me to speak to Messi, Griezmann but they couldn't say things to my face

Suarez on Barca's treatment: They asked me to speak to Messi, Griezmann but they couldn't say things to my face

They say that revenge is a dish best served cold but Luis Suarez waited less than a year to treat the Barcelona executives for treating him poorly. Basically pushing him out of the club after all he did for it, 195 goals and then some. The Uruguayan veteran scored 21 goals for Atletico Madrid this year and was one of the key players for the title-winners.

After the final game and winning La Liga, for the fifth time in his seventh year in Spain, Suarez was filmed crying on the pitch while video-calling his wife.

"My wife was crying with me because we suffered a lot from the change for our children. Money doesn't bring you happiness. She knows the times I went through and suffered. When I start the season and they put me aside to train. I suffered a lot with my knee. I worked all year. I had to do extra things to make my knee hold up. I cut time with my children to take care of my knee. She supported me in those moments. In the end, I will never forget seeing my children happy about this title," said Suarez.

Triumph means a lot to such a born winner like Luis, but this one was especially satisfactory as Barca treated him like even a tourist at Nou Camp shouldn't be. Let alone a club legend. The treatment is even worse when considering that the executives like the former president Josep Maria Bartomeu asked Suarez to mediate between his friend Leo Messi and the club regarding his contract talks.

"One will never go against Barcelona, because they have given me everything and allowed me to be in the elite, but obviously the president said everything he said in the press instead of calling me? When they wanted Leo to stay, they called me to convince him, to talk to Griezmann... and why didn't they call me when they wanted me to leave?" asked Suarez rightfully.

He doesn't blame Ronald Koeman because the Dutchman was clearly acting on orders made above him. He was simply the messenger.

"Let them come and explain it to me, or let the coach come and tell me that he doesn't count on me because he wants another type of nine. But I understood Koeman 'they told me to tell you', because after leaving me out for 3 games he then told me 'if it doesn't work out tomorrow I'm going to count on you against Villarreal'. That's when you realise that he doesn't have that much say in it... He wasn't the coach, he came from above."

Suarez denied receiving congratulations from Bartomeu or someone from the previous board and revealed he wanted to send them a photo to gloat. Yet, with all the bad feelings, he still wants to see the best for Barca and for Messi to stay at Nou Camp.

"As a friend and fan I would be happy, I would love it and I would recommend him to continue at Barcelona."


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