Suarez: If they want me out, they should say it directly to me

Suarez: If they want me out, they should say it directly to me

With the recent statement of Barcelona's president Josep Maria Bartomeu regarding players who are unsellable and the omission of Luis Suarez from it, it became clear that Blaugrana is thinking about offloading Suarez. The striker himself has now spoken about the situation calmly and told that he is kept out of the loop.

With the new manager in Ronald Koeman and the speculations about the future of the squad the players are left out of the loop.

"There is talk of some names that the president gave, of changes that can be made, but nobody told me that they want to do without me. If this is the desire of the club, it would be good if the person in charge of that decides to speak directly with me. I have been at Barca for six years, enough time to say what they think," said Suarez.

As the Uruguayan has one of the biggest salaries at the club he is believed to be the first on the list to go. Although, Barca will have a tough time replacing him despite his age and few clubs can afford Suarez at that. Although Suarez doesn't want to leave, he wouldn't see it as the end of the world.

"It remains to be seen. I also want the best for the club and my idea today is to continue, but if the club thinks I am expendable, I have no problem talking to those who decide," said Suarez while added he won't have a problem with being a substitute either.

With Eric Abidal leaving the club it might some mist regarding the question of who decides on transfers at Nou Camp. To make matters even worse, Leo Messi has for the first time spoken about possibly leaving the club. Writing off his dear friend Suarez didn't help.

"Being a friend of Leo is a source of pride for me, because there are no friends on the pitch, there are teammates and we are here to help each other with a common goal. And, off the pitch, I am extremely lucky to have a friend as a friend. An excellent person like Leo, a friendship that goes beyond playing together today, which is circumstantial."

Barca's problems became evident in the 8:2 trashing at the hands of Bayern Munich.

"It was one of those days where everything went wrong. We were overcome and did not know how to fix it. We came perhaps with some doubts and Bayern had it all very clear. When it is lost as it was lost in Lisbon we are all responsible. That is clear, no It would be fair to point out only one player or someone from the club."

Suarez then compared the current situation at Barca at the one Real had when they were eliminated by Ajax from the Champions League. Seeing how the media ran the narrative of Toni Kroos, Luka Modric, and Sergio Ramos being finished, while they now led the club to the title and are perceived as great again.


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