Sporting's president on Bruno Fernandes' transfer: United made a mistake

Sporting's president on Bruno Fernandes' transfer: United made a mistake

Manchester United paid hefty money for getting Sporting Lisbon's captain Bruno Fernandes. The sum may even reach €80,000,000 and now the vice-president of the Portuguese club Francisco Salgado Zenha explained how the negotiations took place and what mistake did the Redi Devils make.

United was trying to get Bruno in the summer and their poor anticipation of Sporting's resolve probably cost them several points in the league.

"I realised in the negotiations that Manchester United were convinced that we were going to give in and that for €50 million we would do the deal. I have no doubts. But they were wrong. And they ended up paying what we wanted. We went on to get €20m more than if we had sold four months ago," explained Zenha.

Yet, even though the price was steep, United probably couldn't have gotten a better player.

As reinforced by the statement of Fernandes’ former Sporting team-mate and Premier League veteran Yannick Bolasie.

"Bruno has the lot to be honest. I think he will cope fine with the expectations. When he was at Sporting he controlled all the matches. Everything Sporting did, went through him. He can play with both feet and is not afraid to shoot with his left but his right foot is his main foot. He can see a pass and has good long-range passing, free-kicks, and penalties," said Bolasie.

Bruno started his professional career in Italy, playing for Novara, Udinese, and Sampdoria, with Bolasie believing that can differentiate him from other playmakers.

"He is at his best getting on the half-turn and making passes in between the lines. He likes giving passes and likes scoring, that is his game. He knows what he can do and is good at and can link up with the forward players really well. He has his own style because he has been in Italy before but has similarities to De Bruyne, Silva and Eriksen."

Bruno is action tomorrow against Chelsea and the odds for him to score are 4.2 (16/5 fractional).


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