Sinisa Mihajlovic: My friendship with Zlatan began with a headbutt

Sinisa Mihajlovic: My friendship with Zlatan began with a headbutt

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is an acting guest at the Sanremo Music Festival and the Milan striker called in some friends from the industry to help him out. Bologna manager Sinisa Mihajlovic is a long-time friend but their relationship started with a headbutt that resulted in Ibra getting sent off.

It was when Ibracadabra was playing for Juventus, and Mihajlovic for Inter, as the older man explained on stage.

"Our friendship began with a headbutt. The thing with Zlatan is, you can’t threaten him. You have to provoke him, that’s how you put him off. He was so angry that he headbutted me and was sent off. When he joined Inter, I wanted to return the favour. That’s how we show affection!" explained the temperamental manager.

Miha continued to tease Ibra in the typical Balkan style.

"He is jealous of something he doesn’t have. The Champions League. He played it, I won…" said the Bologna manager who won the European Cup with Red Star Belgrade in 1991.

Because it is a music festival, the pair then joined in with presenters singing I Nomadi song Io Vagabondo.

When the Sweden international was asked if he personally knew ABBA, his response was in his style "no, but they know who I am."

Even though it was a music festival, the presenters touched upon a serious topic of Mihajlovic's leukaemia issues in the summer of 2019. But Ibra managed to turn around that story into a funny anecdote, as Miha tried to use leverage to sign Ibra. Which was mentioned in the newspapers then and before Zlatan rejoined Milan.

"I had to wait a few days, because I didn’t have the courage to make the phone call. When I did, I couldn’t speak. I managed to say, if there’s anything at all that you need. Anything I can do. Just ask. So Sini said, ‘I could do with a striker who scores goals'. I said we’ll see. After that, he called me every single day to ask if I’d made a decision yet!” explained Ibrahimovic.


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