Schalke sacks the manager, hires the same saviour for the fourth time

Schalke sacks the manager, hires the same saviour for the fourth time

For 28 consecutive league games Schalke hasn't known the joy of a win. And the second manager has paid the price for such a sorrow state of affairs. The Miners have announced that Manuel Baum has been relieved of his position after just two and a half months in charge.

Baum had an appalling win ratio of 9.09% with obviously none of the triumphs coming in the Bundesliga. Overall, the manager led the team in 11 games and won just one, drawing four and losing six. The man he replaced David Wagner stayed on for 40 games and had a win ratio of 30%.

Yet the sporting director Jochen Schneider still tried to paint Baum in a positive light.

"I wish Manuel all the best. He’s worked meticulously and unbelievably hard over the last few weeks and months, and he’s tried everything to bring success back to Schalke. Sadly, it hasn’t worked out," stated Schneider.

The club has now hired their on-call saviour Huub Stevens. A manager who will take the reigns at the Veltins Arena for the fourth time. The former Netherlands representative led the team between 1996 and 2002, then in 2011 and 2012. His last hire by the Gelsenkirchen club happened in March of 2019 when he led the club for 10 games.

In the first stint, Stevens had a win ratio of 47.48% in 241 games. The second was even better statistically with a ratio of 53.97% in 64 games. While the last attempt to stop the fire came with a 20% win ratio in 10 games.

Now, he is an acting manager, for the two games before the year is over. One in the Bundesliga and one in the cup. He knows how can the ship be turned - a win.

"That’s the best medicine for a footballer. We’re right down there and the side has little confidence, so it’s a more serious situation than it was last time. My heart still beats blue and white. When the club turns to me in difficult times, I can’t say no," stated the 67-year-old.


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