S6villa! The Andalusian's six for six in Europa League finals!

S6villa! The Andalusian's six for six in Europa League finals!

At this point and time, it should be renamed Sevilla League. For the sixth time in 15 years, Sevilla has won the Europa League in what was a brilliant final against Inter - 3:2 (2:2). Luuk de Jong scored the brace but the final still went in the sign of Romelu Lukaku who missed a sitter at 2:2 before scoring a needless own goal.

But the game started well for Lukaku as he earned a penalty in the fifth minute and converted it. But the blame is higher than the credit as Diego Carlos could've stopped him three times before the box. But the centre-back conceded a penalty in the quarter-final, semi-final, and now in the final! More on his redemption arc later that is reversely proportional to Lukaku's fall.

Just seven minutes later Sevilla equalized through De Jong after Jesus Navas' cross and Stefan de Vrij losing his mark. The same player scored another header in the 33rd minute after Ever Banega's free-kick. Just three minutes later, Diego Godin showed that Nerazzurri have jumpers of their own by scoring the equalizing header on Marcelo Brozovic's excellent cross. The Uruguayan hence became only the sixth person to ever score in both Champions League and Europa League finals.

The tempo understandably did fall off in the second half but we still watched a great game, especially for a final match. Besides the audience, it had it all, goal-line clearances, nerves-breaking, and tensions flaring up as Banega mocked Antonio Conte by asking him to remove his wig.

Then, the greatly praised Lukaku, who did score in his 11th consecutive EL match, backing to his time at Everton, went one on one with Sevilla's goalkeeper Bono and failed to score. Just several minutes later, Lukaku became the absolute tragic man of the match by reverting a Diego Carlos' lucid bicycle kick into his own net. Even though the ball was clearly going out.

Sevilla then proceeded to put even more pressure on the less-than-perfect referee Danny Makkelie and to time waste like they have five trophies in that discipline as well.

In the end, as Conte said so himself, only the victors will be remembered, while Italy will wait for a Europa League triumph close to a quarter of a century. With the last win coming in 1999.

As for Sevilla, they've privatized the competition, they are on the route of becoming Real Madrid of Europe's secondary continental competition. All while being perfect in the finals.

2006, 2007, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2020!


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