Real's Jovic: I'm not taking Spanish lessons anymore

Real's Jovic: I'm not taking Spanish lessons anymore

Luka Jovic disappointed at Real Madrid in his 18 months at the club following his massive €63,000,000 transfer. He did get few opportunities by Zinedine Zidane but the guilt must be on him as well. The 23-year-old moved back on loan to Eintracht Frankfurt where he made a name for himself and scored three goals in four matches so far. Upon returning, he made some peculiar comments about his Spanish lessons.

Believing he is just in the right place in Germany.

"I am very happy to have returned. I am very comfortable and you can see that on the field of play. I scored two goals throughout my time at Real Madrid and now there are already three here. The city, the club and especially the team are made for me. In Madrid, there was a lot of bad luck. The injuries impacted me and I struggled to adapt," stated the Serbian.

He still thinks the time at Real Madrid did him well and just the training improved him, even though he didn't play in many games.

"It was fortunate to have been able to train alongside the best players in the world. I have gained an experience and I consider myself a better player now than before. Despite not having been able to have regular games on the pitch, I take a lot of positive things from Madrid. It is never easy in a team like Real Madrid, where the style is different and the pressure is always very high. That is why it was best to take the step of leaving to return here," stated the sharpshooter.

Jovic feels like he doesn't have to prove anything to anyone.

"I don’t want to look to the future. I am focused on Eintracht and on being able to get back to 100 per cent to play the 90 minutes. I do not have to prove anything to anyone. I know I am a good player and whoever sees me will appreciate that."

Lastly, he stated that he is not taking any more Spanish lessons, possibly showing that he is possibly expecting he will not return to Madrid.

"My Spanish? I am not taking any more Spanish classes. I started to learn the language in Madrid, but now I am no longer learning it."


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