Real vs cameras, round three: Ramos caught insulting former teammate Hakimi

Real vs cameras, round three: Ramos caught insulting former teammate Hakimi

It's round three of the Real Madrid versus cameras fight and once again, the Spanish club is taking the hits. After Isco was recorded criticizing the substitution habits of Zinedine Zidane, Karim Benzema harshly blasting Vinicius Junior in the tunnel at half-time, now Sergio Ramos is the main culprit. We're surprised it actually took this long for him to get heat.

In the Champions League match against Inter Ramos was caught telling off his former Real teammate Achraf Hakimi. The right-back fell in the box with a loud scream and the Spaniard called him out on simulating and for the sound he made.

"Get up you son of a b…, get up, stop screaming like a rat," yelled Ramos.

Hakimi is actually a Real Madrid youth academy product having been at the club since 2006, starting his professional career at the club's second team Real Madrid Castilla in 2016. Overall, Hakimi played 17 games for Real so it's not like Ramos doesn't know him. The Moroccan moved to Inter this summer for a fee of €40,000,000.

The insulting phrases didn't cause too much of a stir, unlike Benzema's comments, but Ramos' feat of the night did fly a bit under the radar for it.

Ramos scored in that game too and it was his 100th goal for Real Madrid, a tremendous success for a centre-back even with the penalty-taking duties.

"It's not bad. Individual records are secondary, but you like hitting them and as long as they keep on helping the side win, hopefully, I can get a few more," said Ramos after the match.

The club captain's goals came mostly in La Liga - 72, with 14 in the Champions League, seven in the Copa del Rey, the Club World Cup saw three Ramos goals, and the 34-year-old defender scored twice in both the Uefa and the Spanish Supercup.


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