Pioli on his plans with Ibrahimovic: He'll be the reference point in our attack

Pioli on his plans with Ibrahimovic: He'll be the reference point in our attack

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has joined Milan for the second time, at 38 years of age. But the Rossoneri manager Stefano Pioli plans to utilize the veteran as the primary figure in attack.

Piolo explained exactly how he'll use Zlatan to push his young team forward in the remainder of the season. Both off and on the pitch.

"The reference point in our attack. He’ll stimulate the whole team. Ibra is a warrior, a leader, a charismatic player who has a great sense of responsibility and a great desire to win. He’ll stimulate the whole team, his contribution will be crucial. Being the youngest team in the league, we’ve encountered some limitations in terms of a competitive streak. Ibra is the kind of player, person and leader who can help us fill that void," said Pioli.

The manager further went into detail on his views on Zlatan and revealed the talk he had with the tall striker.

"He can do it all, he knows how set up his teammates, he knows how to occupy the box well and he’ll know how to be the reference point in our attack. I spoke to him on the phone, he’s very fired up and he can’t wait to train with us, just like I can’t wait to coach him. What did he tell me? I welcomed him, he asked about the conditions of the team, our upcoming training sessions and what situations to expect. He told me: ‘Mister, don’t worry I’m fine.’" 

Pioli also addressed the status of Krzysztof Piatek and should the Pole be afraid for his place in the team.

"As for Piatek, If you play for Milan and a quality player arrives then you must be stimulated and happy: the more that is the case, the higher your chances are of winning."


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