Paolo Di Canio caught bad mouthing Mourinho: Roma got the worst of the worst

Paolo Di Canio caught bad mouthing Mourinho: Roma got the worst of the worst

Jose Mourinho's appointment as the new manager of Roma has been quite the surprise in the football world. While the club's stocks rose 26% when the appointment was announced, many questioned Giallorossi's decision. None harsher than Paolo Di Canio, who was secretly filmed badmouthing Mourinho.

The Lazio legend was recorded in a message intended for his friend who is a Roma supporter. Yet it spread online and Jose has already made his first enemy in Italy.

"You’ve got the worst of the worst. I understand you needed a big name at this moment, but it’s like when you sign a player who is finished. Mourinho just wanted a job with money, he’s had his third sacking in four years, kicked out from everywhere due to the incompatibility of his character and before that’s all he was good at, having character," said Di Canio.

His complaints are not without merit as Mourinho did burn the bridges at Manchester United and Tottenham both. With the dressing rooms being quite divisive regarding him. While at Inter, the dedication the team had for him was their strongest weapon.

Di Canio believes that the 58-year-old, third-most decorated manager of the 21st century is done.

"Now Tottenham gave him the boot for his results and incapacity to take the team to another level after two years with all the money they spent. Considering the environment around Roma, he’s fine, you might be expecting who knows what, but I tell you he’s the worst of the worst. He’s finished in every conceivable way."

The words of the Italian sting even more as he finishes the message by saying that Mourinho was once his favourite.

"He doesn’t even play football, he plays anti-football. You might enjoy yourselves in a few press conferences, because controversy makes for good theatre, but let me tell you: to reconstruct a team, he’s the worst you could possibly get. And I can say that because he was my favourite up until seven years ago, even more than Pep Guardiola."


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