Messi reveals his plans for the future include playing in America and being a sports director

Messi reveals his plans for the future include playing in America and being a sports director

Leo Messi has been the subject of the main transfer saga of 2020 even though it didn't last long. The Argentinian stayed but it wasn't clear for how long. Recently a Spanish TV station did an interview with Messi and after the trailer, which revealed that Lionel was itching to fight for this season, the full show revealed much more.

For instance, Messi didn't hold back when describing the situation at the club.

"The club is going through a difficult time. Everything that surrounds Barcelona is difficult. It is really bad, it is very bad and it is difficult. Or it will be difficult to get back where it was. It will be difficult to bring quality players because there is no money. Bringing Neymar is very complicated. How do you pay PSG?" asked Messi to La Sexta.

Messi explained why he wanted to leave in the summer.

"I thought I had completed a cycle and that I needed a change. My head needed to get out of all this. I knew it was a year of transition, of young people. I wanted to continue fighting for the Champions League and for the league. I wanted to go and I wanted to. do it right. The president began to filter things to make me look like the bad guy. I'm calm. It was a horrible decision, very difficult to make. It was very difficult to leave the club of my life, I don't think there is a better city than this. My family didn't want to move."

Messi revealed his future will be decided in the summer, not in January as there was some reasoning for it.

"I don't know what I'm going to do yet. I'm going to wait until the season ends. I would like to play in the United States and experience life and the league there, but not now and ultimately come back to Barcelona in some capacity. I will do something related to football, although not coach. I don't see myself as a coach, but I would like to be a sports director and bring the players I want."


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