Manchester United has the best homegrown duo in the England?

Manchester United has the best homegrown duo in the England?

Manchester United academy coach Colin Little states young prospects Marcus Rashford and Mason Greenwood are the best homegrown attackers in the country. 

And it's probably fair to say that Colin has right. At least in the terms of 'duo' meaning. After selling the first-team striker Romelu Lukako to Inter last season, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer gave more minutes to his youth gems Rashford, Greenwood and Anthony Martial in the current campaign. 

All three players have used their chances well, getting a combined 49 goals across all competitions to help Red Devils fight for a top-six finish, along with success in the FA Cup and Europa League. 

22-year-old Rashford was producing the best of his football in a United shirt before being injured in January. Four years younger Greenwood has established himself as an important piece of Solskjaer's puzzle. 

Colin Little, United's assistant coach in the Academy, has seen many talents in his life and had a chance to work with both the above-mentioned players in close. 

"I honestly think you can't look at any team and think there are any two better homegrown strikers in the country",
he said to MUTV. 

"Tommy Abraham and Harry Kane are really good strikers but we've got two on our books right now."

"Without blowing our own trumpet, that's just incredible isn't it? Both are still young, both are Manchester United kids from an early age. It's why, but for anything else, if they were the two people who come out of this academy, you would be like 'wow'. I mean, what are forwards worth nowadays? People who score goals - at that age?"

Little said a bit more about training drills he has to oversee to help take out the best from Greenwood and Rashford earlier. 

"If you put on a coaching session for  Marcus and Mason, and they made the run, you want the ball arriving at the exactly right time."

"We have this little saying 'get in the right place.' Masons' pass to Marcus against City was perfect. Straight after the game, I texted him to say:'Get it to the right place!'

The present time is not so promising from the perspective of any United fan, especially those who witnessed Sir Alex Ferguson's era, but the future might be more exciting with those two attackers, with a strong mentality.


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