Luca Zidane: I want to succeed because of me, not because of whose son am I

Luca Zidane: I want to succeed because of me, not because of whose son am I

Goalkeeper Luca Zidane, the 21-year-old son of Zinedine Zidane, has been playing on loan at Racing Santander in the Spanish second division this season. Real Madrid academy product has had eyes on him since childhood because of the name he wars, although not on his back, but he wants to succeed for his own qualities, not because of who his father is.

Luca is on his first-ever loan, as he only played for Real Madrid Castilla in the past, with two games for the A team as well.

"I've been in Real since I was eight years old. I went through all the categories to the professionals. I felt the need to change this season because I needed to play more regularly. Second B division looks worse, but Segunda is on another level. There are clubs with a lot history as Deportivo, Malaga, Tenerife, Huesca or Rayo, my goal was to win the position of keeper, to show my qualities," started Luca for L'Equipe.

Zidane who sees himself as a modern goalkeeper, adept at using his feet, would like to play in France, possibly even next year. Even though he didn't play much for Real, he did learn a lot by playing alongside Keylor Navas and Thibaut Courtois.

"I learned a lot from them. My daily life was very educational with them. I really felt that my level improved during my two years with the professionals. They gave me advice, I saw the work in the shade they did. I also received advice from other great goalkeepers like Fabien Barthez. He inspired me. I know he's following me. I like to hear his comments when we meet."

Luca found himself in a unique position at Real as he had his father as the manager.

"We were one full season in this situation and another when he returned after Lopetegui and Solari. Seen from outside, you may think it's special ... But it was simple and natural. In training I didn't see him as my father and he didn't see me as his son. Then, at home, we returned in a father-son relationship."

Zizu being his father placed Luca's career under the magnifying glass since childhood, as all of his errors were made a big deal.

"I want them to talk about me. For my brothers, I think it's the same. We admire our father. We know he was amazing as a player and he's our idol. But we want to make our own career. I have become accustomed to this since I was a child, especially as a goalkeeper, where mistakes are more visible. But I trust my qualities. Be my objective. I am a competitor. Since I was a child I have always wanted to win. I want to show my qualities, to be successful thanks to my work. Not thanks to anything else. I want to succeed for me. same, thanks to me and not because of whose son I am of."

Although, no other Segunda players would get an interview with L’Equipe.


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