London teams race for Benfica's talented youngster

London teams race for Benfica's talented youngster

London marathon is scheduled for April, but a short winter race is happening in London regarding the transfer of Benfica's midfield prodigy Gedson Fernandes. The participants are West Ham, Chelsea, and Tottenham.

The Hammers started off the quickest and reports from England even stated that the David Moyes-led club had a deal in principle for the 21-year-old Portuguese player. But it was a terrible deal it seemed for most fans as SkySports reported it was an 18-month loan deal with no obligation or option to make the move permanent.

Even with all the Premier League money, WHU decided it was a good idea to develop someone else's youngster.

Then, Chelsea entered the race. Hungry for transfer following their ban that ended this January. The Blues went a bit smarter in the pursuit of a player who made two caps for Portugal's A national team. Stamford Bridge would welcome Fernandes on an 18-month loan but have placed an obligation to buy clause with a price of €64,000,000.

All that money for a player that has played in seven Primeira games this, and 22 last season. Benfica fans aren't bemoaned with the development as Fernandes isn't seen like some miraculous once-in-a-generation talent, but more of a well-rounded midfielder who doesn't excel in any attribute.

That isn't stopping another London team to be interested. Tottenham Spurs might have the biggest reason to sign a midfielder as their important player Moussa Sissoko is out until April. Spurs have also offered an 18-month loan.

Since Portuguese media is reporting that Fernandes has three agents in London trying to make his move, it's expected that the 21-year-old will come to the Premier League in January.

Now, reports state that West Ham has also included an obligation to buy, at €39,000,000. Offering fewer games Gedson needs to play on loan in order to activate it, and the Hammers are the favourites to sign the young midfielder.


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