Juve's Paratici wants to keep Ronaldo: Cristiano is a planetary character who goes out of the logic of football

Juve's Paratici wants to keep Ronaldo: Cristiano is a planetary character who goes out of the logic of football

Ever since Juventus was eliminated from the Champions League, rumours of Cristiano Ronaldo's departure haven't stopped flowing. The Portuguese veteran superstar is on wages that cost Juventus €60,000,000 with €31,000,000 going to CR7 and the rest to Italy's tax coffers. But the club's chief football officer insinuated that the club will endure Ronaldo's salary for the next, final year of his contract too.

The club is not in the healthiest financial situation and the journalists asked Paratici whether that means Ronaldo will be sold in the summer.

"Last week, I said we must be responsible for what we’re doing. We are facing a period of uncertainty. Cristiano is not just a footballer and an athlete, but also a character of a high level, so his salary reflects that. Some researches show he is the most known person in the world. His case is different from others. It is a separate matter as for few public figures, not just sportsmen who are. I call them planetary characters who go out of logic of sport and football," said the Italian.

Ronaldo has been sidelined for the Atalanta match and the timing of it couldn't be worse for rumour-creation. As it was speculated that CR7 is angry with Juve and threw a tantrum after the last weekend's win. Allegedly throwing the Juve shirt mostly because he didn't get to score but the Italian journalists also claim a general dissatisfaction with the club. Although video never surfaced of it and Paratici explained it was a fitness issue.

"Yesterday, he wasn’t feeling 100 per cent fit with problems in his flexor, and we didn’t want to take any risk. It’s a decision we took together. Ronaldo has played so many games this season. He was supposed to be handled differently by Portugal, but he eventually played three games," the Juventus director told Sky Sport Italia.

Italian journalists are also claiming that Juve is ready to poach Milan’s key players Gianluigi Donnarumma and Hakan Calhanoglu, whose contracts end in a few months.


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