Jorginho: Sometimes I do feel unappreciated

Jorginho: Sometimes I do feel unappreciated

Arriving at Stamford Bridge as a perfect example of a nowadays rare managerial signing, Jorginho didn't excel even under his mentor Maurizio Sarri. The €57,000,000 paid player never disappointed too but faced heavy criticism at times which made him feel undervalued by the Blues faithful.

Italy representative has a good head on his shoulder for handling pressure luckily.

"I received a lot of criticism and I can accept that. Everybody has an opinion and I don’t always agree but I can respect it. It motivates me to work harder and do better and keep proving they are wrong. Sometimes I do feel unappreciated but I don’t get disappointed," said the former Napoli man.

Things seem to be improving for Jorginho after the arrival of Thomas Tuchel at Chelsea after Frank Lampard. He has already played in 14 matches for the German.

"He understood my characteristics. The way to play with short passes when we need short passes and long balls when we need long balls."

Yet, he was recently speaking about his time at San Paolo, now named Diego Armando Maradona Stadium, stating he would return to the club he played in 160 games for.

"I had a wonderful experience and I’m very fond of the city and the fans. Now, honestly, I’m not thinking about it because my concentration is all on Chelsea, but if there’s the possibility, one day, you don’t know when, to return, of course, I would like to."

Jorginho's agent believes that Aurelio De Laurentiis, Napoli's president, wouldn't pay that much for the 29-year-old.

"Jorginho would like to come back to Italy, and there is the desire to play in Serie A. If Napoli should need Jorginho, then it could happen. He still has two years left on his contract at Chelsea. As things stand today, his price tag is €50,000,000 and he has quite high wages in London. It’s unlikely that De Laurentiis would spend so much. Besides, in my view, Marina Granovskaia and Chelsea will offer him a contract renewal over the next few months."


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