Jamie Carragher: Arsenal and Tottenham have lost the big six status, now it's a big four

Jamie Carragher: Arsenal and Tottenham have lost the big six status, now it's a big four

English football often had a sense of superiority greatly stemming from the term 'big six' when referring to the top teams in the league. Yet, now Jamie Carragher has started the debate on whether the term is factual anymore. For the simple fact that Arsenal and Tottenham are lagging behind Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool, and Manchester United.

Writing for the Telegraph, Carragher suggested that the upcoming North London derby will be a gauge for who will be closer to the 'big five' moniker.

"Mikel Arteta and Nuno Espirito Santo - Arsenal and Spurs have lost 'big six' status - now their managers must prove they can win it back. This Sunday's North London derby is a reminder that the idea of a ‘big six’ in English football is outdated. We now have a big four. The worry for Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur fans is how far they have fallen behind the title contenders and how long they will be on the outside looking in," wrote Carra.

Carra dissected the roles of the managers Mikel Arteta and Nuno Espirito Santo.

"It would be premature to suggest jobs are immediately on the line. What is at stake is something more important to their fans - hope and trust. Nothing builds or erodes that like a derby win or defeat."

While Carragher stresses out AFC's good traits, like having a third-best defensive record in the Premier League last season and only getting out-pointed by the Manchester teams since Boxing day until the end of the campaign, finishing 8th is simply embarrassing. FA Cup triumph won't hold much weight if the league placement suffers.

At the same time, THFC has its president Daniel Levy valuing it at €4.09 billion! While he expects to get €29,000,000 yearly for the naming rights of the stadium. Even though the club is in the Conference League.

"Nuno needs to persist with a more progressive approach to win his new supporters’ over. The defensive style of his Wolverhampton Wanderers team will not be tolerated at Spurs. He will be seen as ‘Mourinho-lite’ and would be wise to remember the reaction to Jose’s negative tactics in last March’s North London derby. It was not quite the final straw, but he was sacked five weeks later," reckons Carragher.

The former LFC defender also laid out the grim reality of the north London clubs.

"Competing for the Premier League is off the table for Arsenal and Spurs for the next two or three years. Champions League qualification is a long shot this year. There were many times as a player I knew within a matter of games there was no prospect of winning the league, so the target was points as well as positioning. Last season, Spurs collected 62 and Arsenal 61. Seventy is generally a guarantee of being in the race for the top four."


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