Inter's title fight has its fuel: King Arturo signs for Nerazzurri

Inter's title fight has its fuel: King Arturo signs for Nerazzurri

Antonio Conte might have more modest resources at his disposal at Inter than at Chelsea but he keeps getting the players he wanted, unlike at Stamford Bridge. Now the Italian manager might be getting his favourite footballer in Arturo Vidal who landed in Milan and went through his medicals.

Even though a ridiculous fee of just €1,000,000 was correctly reported, in the end, Vidal moves with no initial fee and Barca will get some money based on Vidal's and Inter's performances. Not to higher than the initial sum mentioned though. Even with Chilean's being 33, this is a major steal for Inter.

Conte hence got a player he already won two Scudettos with when they were both representing Juventus, prior to Vidal's move to Bayern Munich and then Barcelona.

The move also means Chileans will be particularly interested in Inter as two of their best players Vidal and Alexis Sanchez will be playing together.

With Nicolo Barella proving his potential last season and Radja Nainggolan still in the team Inter have three of the best box-to-box midfielders in Italy, possibly Europe. It's still not certain whether the Belgian will stay at Guiseppe Meaza though.

Vidal's Barcelona teammate Luis Suarez took to Twitter to write him a public message of support.

"Having you as a rival was unbearable because of how great you are as a player, but having you as a partner, friend and knowing you as a person is even bigger!!!! A pleasure to have shared with a star player like you. I wish you all the best in this new stage," wrote Suarez alongside the word "craque" which is used in South America to describe the very best players.

This move also means that so far we are 2/10 in our recent article of transfers bound to happen before the transfer window closes after Cengiz Under made his announced move.        


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