Improved delivery of Selected Picks


Our Selected Picks service has been running from July 2017. We only took a break during July of 2018. and we shall do the same in the upcoming July of 2019.  During those active 19 months, we have been trying to improve the quality of the service in all aspects. One of those aspects was fair delivery of sent odds to all paying customers.

In a world of resellers, bots and other unfair practices this has become a substantial endless fight. Sometimes we get a feeling that we are Don Quijote and fighting against the windmills in an endless and hopeless struggle. However, we will never stop improving the customer experience of our paid service. We have listened to a lot of advice from our customers and tried to find the best solutions. That is why we have implemented the time counter. Time counter will count down the time to when the Selected Pick will become visible on the website. With this solution all customers will have access to Selected Pick at the same second, giving fair(er) availability to bet on odds that were sent. 

Although we select only matches with decent limits (2.000€ per click minimum), there is no way of avoiding dropping odds. If a betting service is successful, it will have followers, and those followers will place money on the advised betting selections which will then react in odds dropping. The logic behind this process is standard and something usual. Only services that do not encounter this problem are unsuccessful services with no profit and no customers. In addition to choosing higher limits for our customers, which reduce or postpone odds dropping, we have now taken one more step and introduced Time Counter for all Selected Picks. 

Steps in receiving paid Selected Picks:

1. VIP customer (paying member) will receive warning mail approximately 5 minutes before the pick being published. In that mail, the customer will receive a link to InsideSport site where the pick will be posted.

2. Customer follows the URL from mail and waits for the counter to countdown to zero when the pick is revealed. There is no need to refresh.

Time Counter is another feature we have delivered after carefully listening to the needs of our customers. If you are interested in joining our service, you can do it via Subscription. You can rest assured our team will keep innovating tools and features that will make your experience on InsideSport more enjoyable. If you have any advice or comment, contact us via Contact or directly at

Kind regards,

Your InsideSport team.


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