How long since the major clubs in Spain won the league, cup, or in Europe

How long since the major clubs in Spain won the league, cup, or in Europe

Unlike in Italy where 16 different clubs won the league, 16 different clubs won the cup, in Spain, the winnings are a bit more homogenized. Still, looking at the time since the major clubs in Spain won a trophy, be it the league, cup, or European glory, shows the trajectory of the massive sides. While also painting a clear panoramic view of the history of football in the Iberian country.

So how long since the major clubs in Spain won the league, cup, or in Europe

Spanish clubs' La Liga last triumphs

While Serie A has been won by 16 different clubs in Italy, for La Liga, only nine teams managed to do so since 1929 when the league started. Although it was cancelled for three years during the Spanish civil war.

Of course, Atletico Madrid are the reigning champions having won their 11th league trophy in their history, second with Diego Simeone in charge.

Their neighbours and rivals from Madrid have won it the year prior, a feat none has experienced as much as they with 34 total wins.

Barcelona, the first winners of the league, have 26 total wins and they are three years removed from their last triumph back in the 2018/2019 season.

Then we face the first break in our examination of how long since the major clubs in Spain won the league. Valencia is the only other team that has won the Spanish championship in the 21st century, doing so in the 2003/2004 season. Exactly 18 years ago, last of their six title wins. A sci-fi outcome for the currently struggling side that has finished 9th and 13th in the last two campaigns.

On the edge of the 20th century, the current third division club Deportivo La Coruna won their lone title. That 1999/2000 season looks like a lifetime away for the side that was last in La Liga back in the 2017/2018 campaign.

After the El Clasico rivals and Atletico, it's Athletic Bilbao with the most title wins in Spanish football, eight of them. Although the last one came a long time ago, 38 years, in the 1983/1984 season, defending the title.

Before Athletic, it was Real Sociedad who had two back to back title wins, celebrating in both 1981 and 1982. That’s 40 years of foolish waiting. Their only two titles ever, and now we have round up all the teams who have managed to win the title more than once in Spain. Only six of them: Real, Barca, Atleti, Athletic Bilbao, Valencia, and Sociedad.

Yet, besides Madrid, another city has two title-winners - Sevilla. The last one to win it is the samely-named club, doing so in the 1945/1946 season 76 years ago.

The longest wait in Spanish football is endured by their rivals from Real Betis, who are waiting patiently for 87 years, having won in the 1934/1935 season.

Spanish clubs' Copa del Rey last triumphs

A Copa del Rey winners group isn’t such an elitist company as there are 14 total clubs who have won it. Most of them in the last 20 years, 11, although one side is waiting for longer than a century.

Barcelona was the last one to celebrate, in 2021, winning their 31st trophy in the competition, the major record.

Yet, while the official record is that Real Sociedad is two years removed from their triumph, the reality is that they won the final just 13 days before Barca won theirs. How's that? Because the covid-19 pandemic postponed the 2019/2020 final until 2021 and Sociedad had the shortest reign ever. While Athletic Bilbao lost two finals in the same month. It was Sociedad's third triumph in the competition.

Prior to them, Valencia was the last team to celebrate in CDR, winning the title three years ago in 2019. Their eight total in the competition, fifth-most in Spain.

A big drop off comes in our little examination of how long ago since Spanish clubs won the Copa del Rey, as Barca's dominance of four consecutive triumphs has Real eight years removed from the cup that should be theirs more often. After all, it's the cup of the king and the club of the king should win it more often. Yet, Real is only the third most winningest club in the tournament, after Athletic Bilbao and Barca, with "only" 19 wins.

Atletico Madrid did win it too under Diego Simeone, showing that the club really did it all with Cholo, but the Champions League trophy. With nine years removed from their trophy win, 10th overall.

The fourth most consistent member of the Spanish big-four, Sevilla, won the tournament 12 years ago, in 2010, their fifth trophy of such type. It's four years removed from Espanyol's fourth triumph, and more importantly, five from their city rivals Betis, who won their third trophy of the king in 2005.

Six-time Copa del Rey winners, Zaragoza, now in the second division, have won their last trophy in 2004, 18 years ago, defeating Real in the final.

Mallorca managed the coup a year prior, their only one, defeating Huelva in the final back in 2003. Deportivo La Coruna started the five years of consecutive different "small" winners back in 2002, getting their second CDR trophy against Real.

A huge drop off happens until 1984 to when Athletic Bilbao last won the competition in which they are the second-most successful ever, with 23 triumphs! Making the two defeats of 2021 all that much more painful. To wait 37, now 38, years to lose the trophy twice on the brink of grasping it...

The two who have forgotten the taste of victory are Real Union and Arenas. With the former, Real Union, winning the competition four times, albeit the last time 95 years ago, in 1927! Now, the club is perpetually in third-tier, playing in the Segunda only once in the 21st century.

Yet the little known club Arenas have waited for the longest, as their team won their only Copa del Rey in 1919! Now, the side is in the fourth tier of Spanish football, since the 2021/2022 season, falling from the third division.

Spanish clubs' European competitions last triumphs

Seven Spanish sides know of continental triumph, with the waiting periods short as they could be as five sides know of European glory in the last decade.

For Villarreal it's the freshest, Unai Emery led the side to the Europa League triumph in 2021, becoming the fifth Spanish side to win it.

Sevilla, naturally, did it the year before, in a competition they practically monopolized with six total wins, never losing a final.

Madrid celebrated two European trophies in the 2018 season, when Atletico Madrid won the Europa League, and Real got their last, 13, Champions League trophy. For Atleti, it was their third EL piece of silverware.

Somewhat unexpectedly, considering Lionel Messi played for them until last summer, Barcelona has been waiting for continental success for seven years. Their last, a 2015 CL triumph, was their fifth.

Also celebrating in Europe in the 21st century, was Valencia, who won Europa League, then called UEFA Cup, in 2004, defeating Marseille.

Completing the list of Spanish teams with continental glory is Zaragoza, a side who won the Cup Winner's Cup 27 years ago in 1995!


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