Henry on why Messi is struggling at PSG: For now, it's Mbappe's team, Leo is isolated

Henry on why Messi is struggling at PSG: For now, it's Mbappe's team, Leo is isolated

Leo Messi arrived at Paris Saint-Germain as the best transfer ever, yet the 34-year-old is having a tough time adjusting to the French league. Lionel scored three goals so far for PSG but all of them have been in the Champions League, none in Ligue 1 after four games there. With no assists in either of the competitions. His former Barcelona teammate Thierry Henry explained why that is so.

Henry gave his two cents onto why Messi isn't looking as impressive as he did last and all the seasons before it.

"He is isolated, he is on the ball less. I wouldn’t say he’s sad, but he’s isolated. I prefer him through the middle. I’m having trouble with Leo out on the right. In the middle, he can set the tempo. Something needs to be found in order to get Mbappe, Neymar and Messi to play together," stated the retired striker.

Even though Messi started his career on the right wing, Henry doesn't think the 34-year-old can make an impact there now.

"I don’t think he can make the difference on the right, but then I don’t have the exact details from the tactical standpoint. Obviously, when you stay high up and you get out of the way, you won’t have an impact. Then you have fewer balls going towards him."

A key component of Henry's take is that he believes PSG is Kylian Mbappe's team, tailored to him and his needs.

"Messi doesn’t speak a lot, he speaks with the ball. For now, it’s Kylian’s team. Kylian is the one who’s making it shine most of all. The ball goes more towards him. At any single moment there can only be one conductor, otherwise you can’t play at the same tempo. And in this team, there are too many conductors."


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