Hansi Flick: Haaland is what a centre-forward has to be, the future could belong to him

Hansi Flick: Haaland is what a centre-forward has to be, the future could belong to him

Bayern Munich is awaiting Borussia Dortmund today at 18:30 CET and the duel is not that interesting on a point and title-contention basis but it's still the biggest German derby. It's also a derby of some of the world's best strikers between Robert Lewandowski and Erling Haaland.

Bavarian's manager Hans-Dietmar Flick spoke about the Norweigan wonderboy with great admiration.

"Haaland is what a centre-forward has to be. He has an enormous hunger for goals. The future could belong to him because he has everything he needs for it. He's fast, has a strong finish and the right mentality. When you see the intensity with which he puts on a sprint over 80 metres – it's great. He's someone you always have to watch out for," said Hansi Flick.

Bayern knows what they need to do in order to stifle the Norweigan wonderboy.

"It's very important to close the spaces for him. We have to cut off those passes to him."

Although Haaland has been the talk of the footballing planet, scoring 43 goals in 45 BVB matches. Accompanied by 11 assists. Yet, his former coach Alf Ingve Berntsen, who managed Haaland during his early career at Byrne, before joining Molde in 2017, didn't expect as much from the youngster.

"Erling continues to impress me. I knew he would become a decent player, but I wasn’t expecting such a level at age 20. I think right now, Borussia is a perfect club for him. He is only 20 and can still develop and improve at Dortmund. But he is also at a level where he can move to the best clubs and to be successful. So both options, stay or move, would be correct for Erling. He could succeed at any club, including Real Madrid."

The odds for tonight's Der Klassiker are looking good for Bayern at a home win having 1.53 odds, while they are 5 for a BVB upset. The odds that Erling Haaland will score in this match is 1.72 while it's 4.75 that he will be the first goalscorer.


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