Haaland's agent believes Real and Barca can afford to buy Erling, but can't afford not to

Haaland's agent believes Real and Barca can afford to buy Erling, but can't afford not to

Erling Haaland's future is still unknown in the short term despite Borussia Dortmund claiming he will play for the club next season. Norweigan striker's agent Mino Raiola spoke with the Spanish media As in great detail of what he expects and gave insight into the transfer situation of the 20-year-old.

Raiola is well-aware of the stance BVB made but he believes the right offer would make them change their mind.

"That's what they've said. Now let's see if that desire is still there through to the 1st of September. Today, the official stance of Dortmund is this. But I've got another view, I think that if a good opportunity comes up and everyone would be happy, we'll put it on the table," said Raiola while implying BVB's position would be weaker if they don't secure a Champions League spot. 

Haaland is not only impressive because of the 53 goals scored in 56 games for Borussia, it's his undeniable professionalism.

"Haaland doesn't know what restaurants are in Dortmund, he studies a lot how to improve, he trains hard. In the end, the great champions, for me, are the simplest people. Haaland is interested in two things. Scoring goals, because he’s a little bit like Cristiano or Zlatan… it’s his obsession, in a positive way. And winning titles. No doubt he’ll pick somewhere where he feels those two things go together best for him."

The agent then spoke about the possibilities in front of Erling and gave his views on them.

"It's really hard to lie. When a club like Barcelona or Real Madrid comes in for you, with so much history and being such a big club, it's hard to say no. PSG is getting into his group of big clubs, City is trying, Juve have always been there. The league they play in is important too. PSG plays in the worst league of the big clubs. Bayern are in an attractive league, but we know they always win it. In Spain there are three clubs with a chance..."

Raiola's most interesting take is that the clubs can all afford the reportedly massive wages Erling is already demanding. As well as the transfer fee, even for Barcelona and Real who are in debt.

"I don’t know if Real Madrid can afford him, because I haven’t studied their books. But I think they can. I think they all can. But the question is another: can Madrid afford not to buy Haaland? And Barca? All 14 big clubs want him, yes. Now it’s important to know which is the best option."


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