Gundogan: Just because I am scoring goals doesn't mean I am playing better

Gundogan: Just because I am scoring goals doesn't mean I am playing better

Manchester City is on a rare, record-setting streak of 18 straight wins with 25 matches unbeaten. A key figure for City in terms of goalscoring this season, is an unlikely culprit in Ilkay Gundogan. The midfielder scored 13 goals in 27 matches, 11 of those in the Premier League where he played in only 19 games.

Yet, the 30-year-old doesn't agree he is playing much better than he used to play. It's just that his role changed.

"It is always satisfying when you play well of course and I don’t think that I am as satisfied as I am today because my numbers are really good this season in terms of goalscoring. I wouldn’t like to say that I’ve played worse in the past, but in terms of form I feel I am at the same level in that season where we just won the league one point ahead of Liverpool or even when I used to play in Germany," stated the former Borussia Dortmund man.

The Germany international doesn't measure his performances by goals he scored, something more fans should take to heart as well.

"I don’t feel I am playing much better. I am just playing a more offensive role. I try to be closer to the opponent’s box and be in a position where I can create and be dangerous and that leads to more goals, but just because I'm scoring more goals doesn’t mean I’m playing better. I try to play every time as good as possible and it is nice to be recognised with the amount of goals I’ve scored but it is not something I’m looking at every matchday."

His change in roles was somewhat forced by City's lack of attacking options, due to Sergio Aguero's frequent injuries in 2020.

Gundogan also lauded a teammate that rarely gets media attention - midfield veteran Fernandinho.

"Fernandinho is our captain, he is leading us, he is there when we need him. His performance vs Arsenal was incredible. Even when he is on the bench, he is always there for us, he supports us, the way he speaks to us. He is a real leader, we really need him and we are very happy to have him. He just gives us the right things at the right time. He knows when to speak up, when to be quiet and what to do."


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