Guardiola knows who will succeed him as City's manager

Guardiola knows who will succeed him as City's manager

Pep Guardiola is starting his fourth season with Manchester City, and with two tough title-wins, the manager is still going strong. Yet, the tactician already knows who is going to replace him as City's manager - Mikel Arteta.

Guardiola was asked whether he believes that his current assistant manager will lead the Cityzens when he steps down.

"I'm pretty sure. He will have success," started Guardiola. "Sooner or later it's going to happen. He's a young, young manager. He has experience already, handling big players and big teams. He's got an incredible work ethic. He has a special talent to analyse what happens and to find solutions. We talk a lot about what he believes and how he feels."

Early in the summer, there was clamour that Guardiola is going to Juventus, but obviously, Pep stayed at Etihad and there are no rumours of him leaving. With the biggest recent for his possible incoming departure is the fact that he never led a team for more than four years.

In the summer, the 48-year-old said he will stay at City "for two more years and hopefully another one" when asked. Yet, he believes it will be smooth transition to Arteta who he keeps in high regard.

"He's a guy who's so happy when we win but also suffers a lot when we don't. He's an incredible person, an incredible human being, with incredible values about the dressing room and what it means to be together. "He's already an incredible, incredible manager. He will have incredible success in the future," explained the passionate manager.

Arteta played professionally for 17 years, representing six clubs in four countries, gathering over 250 appearances in the Premier League. The experience of playing in England is of vast importance for City.

"He's helped a lot. Especially in the first year when we played Stoke and whatever - he knew the players we were going to face better than we because he played a lot against them. He was a holding-midfielder too and I think he reads the situations. The best play thinking about what the team needs in every single moment. He was a master of that. When he was able to see what was needed on the pitch, when you're off the pitch it's easier," concluded Guardiola.

So when the day comes, and Guardiola steps down, put your money on Arteta to succeed him.  


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